Help Needed, Girl in trouble

I am divya, UKG-B.I lost my “rubber vecha pencil “(pencil with a rubber attached).The pencil costs Rs.3/-.I don’t know you, but if u forward this msg I will get 1 paise from ICICI Bank. If you have heart plz fwd to atleast 10 mail ids. Please don’t neglect. May God bless you. Otherwise my mom will scold me.:-(


4 thoughts on “Help Needed, Girl in trouble

  1. oops!!

    Am sorry to hear that divya, I am ready to donate one rubber ended pencil provided you give me your PAN number and address which will be verified by police. In regards to forwarding email to 10 people, you woudnt need it since am ready to pick up the tab and not toruture ICICI bank which tortures regularly its own customers.

    Adi amin.


  2. and if you don’t send forward this 10 times in the enxt 1 hour, your pen will drain out of the ink magically and will stop writing. Also, you may never be abl;e to write again. So, don’t take chances.


  3. hi indians,

    i m an indian if any indian girl in trouble of money or anything else in uk pls contact meas i need to help some girl i m livingin North East of uk. but girl should be more than 18 as its crime in uk


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