book or movie ?

Imagine a situation where your boss gave you a day off. To spend time he gave you one boooring book (say Ayn rand ) and a stupid movie ( say some karan johar). Which one would you chose ?

That was just a question, for answers just look at these maps.

Books published, including school textbooks.  and boy !!! where is Africa ?

Movies watched, I am accountable for nearly half of this bulge

PS: Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.

9 thoughts on “book or movie ?

  1. I’d read a book whilst watching a movie. I am of course NOT disclosing what book and which movie… Lollllzzzz:)
    PS: When I wanna feel sleepy I’ll turn on Brother Paul’s Christian diatribe… and listen to the fulminating fool till I doze offffff… hahahahaha!


  2. @Srik
    Not exactly. It means books are as popular as movies in India. Look at Japan, they do both .

    I guess I know the movie ( and the book too ) ;-).
    About Paul’s lecture, that depends. Someone’s blood may boil, you go to nap and I get irritated.


  3. Actually, this weekend I wanted to see some movie….After reading this post…guilt cloud surrounded me….I am going to watch a movie where it talks about reading books…..!!!


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