Chakras and Enemies of reasons

I was watching “Enemies of Reason” of Richard Dawkins yesterday, again. In the second part he explores the possibility of Chakra’s being logical. He doesn’t, that’s why he calls them enemies of reason. His point is, If there is any logic in it, why don’t any of these chakra experts prove it to scientific community and get a Nobel Prize as bonus? For some reason they want to keep it as pseudo science and keep publishing books for those who don’t ask!

I recall we showcased chakras in opening ceremony of commonwealth games 2010 Delhi. A yogic structure rises from underground and his chakras get enlightened. Now, I feel they shouldn’t have done this; Chakra is not one of the things we should be showcasing, just like Chinese do not highlight their heritage medicine made by “tiger bone”.

An image form Commonwealth games 2010 Delhi


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..even in his dreams!

I recall this from high-school days. This was written a couple of millennium ago, obviously they had too many fearless lions roaming around. So, every poet dreamt of being and living like a lion. Who knew they will(going to) become extinct so soon, to make this irrelevant.

एकोहमसहायोहं क्रुषोहमपरिच्छदः
स्वप्नेप्येवम्विदाचिन्ता म्रुगेन्द्रस्य नजायते

I don’t know author, no internet presence for this bit (that’s the reason this post).

Non dEvanAgari attempt :

ekOhamasahAyOhaM kruShOhamaparichChadaH
svapnEpyevamvidAchintA mrugendrasya najaayate

Sanskrit Poets somehow like to compress whole sentences in single words, just because the can :-).  If you want me to break it down a little:

Ekah(alone) aham(I am) asahAyah(helpless) aham(I am) krushaH(weak) aham(I am) aparichChadah(orphan)

svapne(dreams) api(also) evam(such) vida(kind) chinta(worry) mruga(animal) indrasya(king’s) na(no) jayate(occur).

Phew, that pain!

To summarise what did we learn ?

A Lion never ever thinks that he is alone, helpless, weak and group less – even in his dreams, even if he is (all those)!!

Good for him .. eh ?

Keep your words sweet

Keep your words sweet – you may have to eat them sometime.

There is one very similar subhashita in Sanskrit, which always been my favorite.

प्रियवाक्यप्रदानेन सर्वे तुश्यंति जंतवः | तस्मात्तदेव वक्तव्यं वचने का दरीद्रता ||

(To read: priyavAkyapradAnEna sarvE tushanti jantavah tasmattadEva vaktavyam vachanE ka darIdratA )

All living creatures love listening to you, if you talk sweet. So why poverty of sweet words ?