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Best Books of 2021 as per
Well.. Duh !
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I failed to meet the 2021 resolution – finished with just 18.
Two best authors I enjoyed reading in 2021
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Reading challenge – 2019

As posted previously, I am very much on track to complete reading 52 books for 2020. This challenge is one of the only two resolutions I had taken for this year. The other resolution was to start blogging again and to post 52 posts. As you can see, I am far behind on the second one.

Anyways, I am currently on book number 45 of 52. This status apparently is, five titles ahead of schedule.! You can check out my books feed at the bottom of the blog, or at side bar if you are reading this post on a PC. When I reach 52, you will get a post.

However, I still owe you my “recommendations post” for the year 2019. I know, I know it’s about 10 months too late. But hey, in my defence, I wasn’t blogging during last year.

Okay, Here you go. I have categorized my recommendations in five buckets. BTW and I am planning to IP-protect this method of classifying 🙂

Level A) This book will turn you into Yoda!!

Level B) Beware of Goosebumps

Level C) You are gonna think about them for a while

Level D) Good time-pass, read them if your only alternative is to watch paint dry.

Level E) I hated these, I still went ahead and completed it. There is a hype around each of these books and hence thought of mentioning

Please do not confuse this list for “all time” list. I would need some time to compile that list and post it.