15 reasons on why Cricket is a better game than Football

Internet holds a one-sided view on this Cricket vs Football debate, rather disproportionately. This post is my attempt to tilt that scale towards Cricket.

If hundreds of bloggers think they can cherry-pick ten lame reasons in favor of Football, I can certainly pick a fifteen against it, even better ones. To be brutally honest, the ability to host a football match during rains is the only fair argument favoring it, rest of the stuff are really boring and consequential to who is playing it.

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To my American readers, I am referring to Soccer and not American version of Rugby . Also, stop calling it Soccer and call it Football. Call your game something else 🙂

Here you go:

  1. Results and closure: More than 25% of Football games go draw, and about 8% of matches are even goal-less. You can hit me with the numbers if you disagree and you better have a useful reference point to support your claim. If I were to drag myself to a pub and watch a game with the smell of sweat, and fart; I would at least need a result and nothing less. Cricket might offer the same aromas, but It would, most certainly, deliver me a result. Be it win or lose. This is called closure.
  2. Entertainment: In Cricket, there is always exciting stuff happening on my screen; continuously and relentlessly. In Football, I am expected to get excited with ball passes. Did you really buy that HD TV for 10 hamsters running on wheels?
  3. Game Spirit: Cricket wins hands-down on this parameter. There are several instances in cricketing history when the team captains chose to ignore the game’s rules and let the rival player continue play. That is just to keep the game’s spirit up! I never heard of this happening in a football match. Hence, Cricket is called the gentlemen’s game. This brings me to my next to the most critical point.
  4. Dishonesty: When was the last time a Cricket player faked a nudge or injury? It would have become a headline immediately, and half the world would have joined in condemning it. Whereas in Football, it seems, every player is allergic to another human or his breath. Even proximity or the scent of them can make them fall like a felled tree. Evidently, this is Business as Usual, and it is not even frowned upon, forget condemning it.
  5. Referee: Blatant mistakes can happen in Football, Cricket has much better umpiring. For instance, even to this date, we debate God’s hand winning the game in 1986. Cricket has the patience to wait for a third umpire decision and has a better review system.
  6. Technology: Cricket adopts newer technologies regularly ensuring course of the games not left for luck or fate to decide. How does Football compare to that?
  7. Flavors: Cricket comes in various sizes and shapes. One favors adrenaline (e.g., T20), one favor talent (e.g., ODI) and the other favors resiliency and endurance (Test). Let me know if there are different formats of Football matches.
  8. Diversity of skills: In Football, you can technically play a team full of Ronaldos against a team whole of Messis. However, you can never play a Cricket game with 11 Virat Kohlis against 11 Jaspreet Bumras. Cricket team consists of players with various “distinctly mutually exclusive” skills, not Football.
  9. Commercial viability: Cricket provides more opportunities for brands to endorse their product. In Football, please wait for half-time. It is a matter of few years before Cricket would overtake both the popularity and revenue generation.
  10. Commentary: Football commentary is boring. It primarily consists of recitations on who passed the ball to whom till something exciting happens.
  11. Fitness vs skills. Football warrants fitness over skills. I am not talking about the common denominator skills; I am referring to specialist skills. Let me take an example, a Chahal can devastate an opposition with his wrist bowling skills. Can that happen in Football?
  12. Inclusion: Can you imagine a differently abled person, say someone with childhood polio with a withered arm can play a Football game. As a matter of fact, in Cricket, some of them have dominated the game for decades and became legends.
  13. Safety injury or death: This comparison is alarming. I gather its around 120 vs 9 throughout the history of both the games. Injury, fatal or otherwise, I think, is even bigger statistics. I do not have numbers handy. Cricket has changed over the last few decades to be safer for its players, but Football remains the same.
  14. Fights: Just like its players, Cricket’s fans as gentlemen too. They clap and sip tea. Except for Pakistani fans breaking TV sets they rarely indulge in fights. I do not need to explain how it works for Football. I have witnessed riot police and helicopters being called for a game in east London.
  15. Football socialistic and Cricket is capitalistic. Period.

I do not expect my readers who are also football fans, to be nice to me in the comments section. Try to be friendly, else I will understand you are part of #14. 🙂

Bollywood, the casting couch and narratives

Question:  According to you, what is the most corrupt entity in Independent India? Please ignore all the 100 bucks you slipped under the table for a file to be moved to next table. I am talking about the big stuff. The Corruption at a level of the complete collapse of the moral values and the entire entity has become so dysfunctional and desperately needs clean-up from external forces? Anything comes to your mind?

Generally, the Political Parties comes top of everyone’s list (cause they get caught). Followed by them, we have cops or officers. You may have Hospitals in your list (who arm-twist you for some extra tests); finally Schools who rob you with your life long saving and so on…

But never Bollywood.! It does not even appear in “corrupt” lists, frustratingly never!. They can

  • Party shoulder to shoulder with India’s most wanted Terrorist’s!
  • Kill endangered species or Drive SUV on not so endangered ‘being humans’!!
  • Appeasement of Paki-land talents; the list goes on and on…

But our general response is a large “Meh..!!” And then we go on and buy ticket subsequent Friday. You know, for that movie which has Chunky’s daughter and Jackie’s Son.

I would argue that Bollywood is probably one of the most corrupt mafias there is! And entire Blame should be assigned to us – the Audience, we created this monster. We tolerated the deep-rooted evil practises and allowed it to grow. There are too many things to talk about, but in this post, I will stick to two of them. More to come…

1/ The casting Couch : I am surprised that people are surprised. This practise is as old as Bollywood itself. See the images below and follow the link and these scenes are from late 40s. My best guess is that her role in the movie was nothing to do with swim-suit and probably was fully-saree-wrapped woman. But for some reasons the Director was very particular.

2/: The Approved Library of stories: Bollywood is very particular on scripts and the narratives. They will iteratively stick to a set of topics, continuously remixed. They never churn unless there is a new, collectively agreed narrative.

Let me give you one example: Hatim Tai was a 6th-century Yemeni prince allegedly known for his generosity. But, that bloke never came to India and had no India connection. But Bollywood has made 7 movie/series on him !!. Pakistan made 2 NONE made by Yemen or any other nearby countries. You can search in the Movie database and challenge me on this.

  1. Sakhi Hatim (1955) – Nanubhai Vakil
  2. Hatim Tai (1956), directed by Homi Wadia
  3. Saat Sawal (1971), directed by Babubhai Mistry
  4. Hatim Tai (1990), directed by Babubhai Mistry        
  5. Dastaan-e-Hatimtai(1994-1995) – Indian TV Series aired on DD National
  6. Hatim (2003-04) – Indian TV Series on Star Plus in
  7. The Adventures of Hatim (2013) – Indian TV Series on Life OK

Can someone explain what is going on here..? Even Gandhi did not have so many movies made on him !!. What about Bose & Patel? On TATAs? Or where are the films on real-life Heroes we had.?

To be continued…

P.s. Remember that Kamli Kamli song from Dhoom 3 where Amir Khan as a director conducts casting couch on Katrina’s character . Textbook ! But you know … “the Meh !”