Soorarai Pottru Review – Apologies

Apologies for having misled you in believing that Soorarai Pottru post has good plot and script. My readers have pointed out that I was wrong, and I was indeed wrong. In my defence, I was not aware of the socio-political and economic background of the story depicted in the movie, fiction or otherwise, which quite possibly, be propaganda. 

I had reviewed it as ‘a movie as an artform’ rather than a socio-political statement. I am aware that I stand against almost an entire internet, who probably did exactly the same. You will have to talk to someone from the region to understand the movie from different perspective.

Okay. Here are the things I had missed:

  1. Name of a character as ‘Che’ was not an unfortunate coincidence, rather quite possibly, it was deliberate. 
  2. Even without reading the biography, you can google and find out the creation of airlines did not encounter sabotaging attempts from bureaucrats and competitors. In fact, It was told that Chief Ministers like SM Krishna and Chandrababu Naidu stood behind the airlines when it got into trouble. 
  3. The protagonist is seen in a black shirt, or shades of it, for almost the entire movie, including his wedding ceremony. I do not know what it means as of yet, but apparently, it does have a statement. 

I have already ordered the book “Simply Fly: A Deccan Odyssey” by GR Gopinath, let me read through and let you know. From what I have told, the movie has a minimal relationship with Autobiography. 

Apart this, I already have “Calling Sehmat” in my queue which supposedly inspired the movie Raazi .

2 thoughts on “Soorarai Pottru Review – Apologies

  1. When a movie is ‘based’ on a book, it is just that. Most times the script deviates heavily away from the book. Some other times, there is a genuine attempt to be as honest to the book, but the final cut may still be bad (Have you seen the new Rebecca on Netflix? TERRIBLE, IMO, pales in comparison with the book). I watched Soorarai Pottru last night because of the raving reviews I have been reading and honestly I was disappointed. The whole movie was such an exaggerated telling of events, that, amidst all the noise and hullaballoo, it is easy to miss what I thought was a beautiful portrayal of the strong wife behind the yet-to-be-successful man.
    If you liked the movie, that is your opinion and you have every right to it. I do not know why you are apologising or wondering (in your words) ‘about quitting the business of reviewing movies’. Please do not stop. I hope to continue reading your reviews and other posts in the future. Good luck and best regards.

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