Bollywood and its exploitation business

A Thumb rule for any movie director, even liberal, is to go very conservative when kids are involved. Several things can go horribly wrong, and I am not talking about acting. Sometimes the messages movies send out will have a long-lasting impact that is irreversible. Let me give you one example from the days where DTH was popular.

BTW, This is a follow-up post in continuation to one of my previous.

The kid here is competing in a singing event featuring some A-listers as judges and guests. I do not know if the song was her choice in the first place, or producer tasked it to her just to appease Saif. Please have a look. For those who do not understand Hindi, translation of Zara means “a little”. There you go ! the rest of the lyrics is in English.

I am not sure how much Sex Education is taught in school nowadays, but I would assume it’s adequate. Also, there must be a general awareness with “the Birds and Bees” syllabus. An integral part of that syllabus is Do’s and Don’t’s when dealing with adults.

To my horror, this girl sings precisely opposite. How was this even allowed to air? What am I missing here?

On a related topic, I hope you are aware of the Netflix movie Cuties went horribly wrong and controversial on the same issue. It’s not Bollywood show, so I will let Americans fight this out. However, if you still decide to watch it, read these warnings on IMDB first.

One more case I wanted to present was from Tamil Industry. I would rank this “borderline inappropriate”, unfortunately, this is what industry is currently aiming for  – a borderline. Also, I was surprised that this came from the Tamil industry, who generally are, cautious with their messaging in a movie.

I can list five things which are wrong with this. But, one-shot surprised me the most is that kid kicks the books as one of the first things in the morning!. I have never seen this act before in any of Indian popular culture mediums. Its one of the value of our culture we generally do not negotiate. In fact, a lot of Indians even worship our books, and I respect the value and reason behind. Again, let me know If I am missing anything here.

To be continued…

10 thoughts on “Bollywood and its exploitation business

  1. Honestly yeah, this is serious. I have few more examples of music reality shows where the judges really went ahead with rejecting the candidates Cz they were “not feeling the song enough”.. you are correctly calling these out 👍

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  2. No , you are not missing anything over here. This is just plain sheer exploitation of our values. You are right on spot with your observation/evaluation


  3. I believe the first of these clips would be banned in England: the most disturbing aspect for me was the sympathetic reaction of the ‘judges’. The second? Well, it’s just plain bad taste, I’m afraid. What interests me now is: who buys this stuff? Obviously it must be popular, but with whom?

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  4. Interesting. I like the usage of the word ‘borderline’; yes, they will go as far as to be just un-PC, but just there. Unfortunately for them, this version or criteria of PC relates mainly to the western world (my opinion entirely), we’ve got different values and a culture here. I am not opposed to anyone openly expressing their sexuality, but I absolutely disapprove of young children being used to advocate the inappropriate beliefs of adults. Great post.

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