Quotes on policing wives

Came across a couple of quotation on wives!

कार्येषु मन्त्री करणेषु दासी रुपेषु लक्ष्मीः क्षमया धरित्री

स्नेहेषु माता शयनेशु वेश्या षट्कर्मनारी कुलधर्मपत्नी

Translation: Work efficiency like a counsellor, workability like a maid, as beautiful as goddess Lakshmi, forgiveness like earth herself, a friend like a mother, and at the end of the day like a courtesan – are the six anticipated virtue of a wife.

Not too bad, eh? please wait for it…

विवादशीलां स्वयमर्थचोरिणीं परानुकूलां पतिदोषभाषिणीम्

अग्राशिनीमन्यगृहप्रवेशिनीं भार्यां त्यजेत्पुत्रदशप्रसूतिकाम्

Translation: One who picks the quarrel, one who steals her own money, one with infidelity, one who talks about the faults of her husband, one who eats before her husband should not be accepted, even if she bore 10 sons for you.

Please note these were written roughly a couple of millenniums ago. So, please consider the social context before judging.

P.s. I am still searching for sources

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One thought on “Quotes on policing wives

  1. That is the point – these were written millenniums ago but still people quote the “Karyeshu…” as if it some eternal truth that will always remain true.

    As for the ads, they are not so blatantly sexist these days but most of them still perpetuate same old ideas only a more subtle format.


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