Racist or Not ?

Hi there.., we are super-duper sensitive Indians.! Don’t make fun of us – we do not tolerate any racist acts! BTW we will brand any comments on our accent and on the way we look as stereotypical or racist. Please note these down in bold letters, if you forget it even for a minute – we gonna come so hard on you.., that you may have to run with tail between your legs!

While we are here, let us also make clear that above commandment works one way. Above stated can not take away our birth right of ridicule other who don’t look walk talk like us! for e.g. Gora, Kallu and Chinki are not racist names!

To summarise: non-Indian imitating Indian – Racist !. Other way round – comedy!

Having made this clear, lets go to a case study. Popchip’s ad below by Ashton Kutcher – Racist or Not ?

5 thoughts on “Racist or Not ?

  1. This ad was not funny at all and made me happy I’m not dating at the moment. Ash said it was a freak show – he was correct – the Raj character is funny but he didn’t have to wear brown face as there are plenty of white Indians but that was the call of the ad agency so not his fault. Popchips suck and Indians are racists against Americans for the most part and that has been my observation HOWEVER I do know several of them that I can easily befriend and have. Not everything is black and white and with people we have to live in the moment and take them one person at a time and not generalize.


  2. so when i start associating things with a certain group of people which is very characteristic of them and not others, am i being racist here? i wrote about a similar thing sometime ago. isn’t that the way people are.

    so when i say that kannadigas love english (which according to me is quite true) with me belonging to that group. i don’t know, would one term it racism?


  3. Bach Bach Bach this is undoubtedly a great PR stunt. Nobody was offended nor did raise a hue and cry in Bollywood. The clever marketing guys have very well played the racist trump card here and have created a whole fluff about Indians being annoyed by this ad and now they are pulling it down as it was termed racist. A total well planned BS baked by brilliant campaign managers. The ‘controversy’ is well thought out viral marketing stunt and publicity for popchips. PR stunts like this not only gets people excited about popchips but also Bachs like you to condoning your own people for no rhyme or reason and indulging in moral policing! Don’t just eat what media feeds you, think and act.


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