5 thoughts on “It’s called freedom

      1. Bach sexist jokes do minimize the role of the rapists in sexual crimes, something their lawyers use to their advantage. A lot of people, like Delhi, NCR Police, Andhra Police Chief and many rapists genuinely seem to believe that a violent sexual attack is a normal reaction to finding a woman attractive. (What about a sex worker’s right to safety?)
        Such jokes are extremely common, most people do blame the victims and this makes it difficult for a victim to report – many rapists have admitted that they did not expect the victim to report out of a sense of shame and for fear of being blamed for bringing it on to herself. One meru cab driver in Gurgaon had his complete details with the company and had no fear of being reported, another group of young men told the police they were going to drop the victim to her house and not kidnapping her (at 2 am in Gurgaon), in another case the police couldn’t persuade the victim to report although the rapists who had also robbed the couple (in Noida) admitted to having raped her. In nearly all the cases where the victim does report, there are comments about how she could have avoided the assault – and it not only makes the rapists bolder, it also confuses them – many rapists believe it is okay for them to rape a woman if she was breaking some social rules – like if she was drunk, or was seen as a ‘slut’, was out with a man who was not her husband.
        It all gets so bad that in one case a child abuser had his sentence reduced because he had been staying away from his family for a long time and hence ‘lost control’.


  1. Stranger rapes in the middle of the night on lonely roads (or trains) are a very small percentage of rapes – most rapes happen close to the victim’s home or workplace and the perpetrator is someone known to the victim. The only way to control any crime, including sexual crimes, is to make sure the culprit is condemned and suitably punished – endless attempts to place the responsibility for the crime on the victim emboldens
    the perpetrator. Such cartoons also discourage already traumatised victims from reporting.

    //she is not in a salwar kameez or sari, at all times

    Most urban professional women wear a lot of skirts, jeans, blouses, and dresses. And they usually carefully calibrate what they wear according to where they will be: out on the street or at an upmarket bar/restaurant. But all this effort is pointless because as Satbir Singh, Additional SHO of Sector 31 Police Station, Faridabad, puts it: “Ladkiya jo hai unko yahan tak yahan tak (he gestures to mean that women should cover their entire body, then carries on speaking)… Skirt pehenti hai. Blouse dalti hai; poora nahi dalti hai. Dupatta nahi dalti. Apne aapko dikhawa karti hai. Baccha uske taraf akarshit hota hai.” (Girls should be covered from here to here… They wear skirts, blouses, that don’t cover them fully. Don’t wear a dupatta. They display themselves. A kid will naturally be attracted to her.)

    Sub-Inspector Arjun Singh, SHO of Surajpur Police Station, Greater Noida, clarifies the position further: “She is dressed in a manner that people get attracted to her. In fact, she wants them to do something to her.”

    In other words, unless a woman is fully covered from head to toe – at all times – she wants men to rape her.

    Two, if a woman is in a sexual relationship with one man, then she deserves to be raped by him and all his friends. Dharamveer Singh, Additional SHO at Indirapuram Police Station in Ghaziabad, tells Tehelka: “It’s very rare that a girl is forcefully picked up by 10 boys. A girl who gets into a car with boys is never innocent. If she does, she definitely has a relationship with at least one of them.”

    Three, she keeps the company of drunk men. Is it bad judgement to drink with strangers in India? Yes. And many of us are far too cautious to slam back the vodka unless we are amongst good friends. But who cares since our men in uniform seem to think that alcohol and opportunity is sufficient – and just – cause for rape:
    Roop Lal of Sector 40,…. //



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