Right to hoist Indian flag in Kashmir

Question: Was the government right in arresting BJP leaders, who marched to hoist Indian flag in Srinagar, Kashmir (India)?

Before you answer this please consider this:

Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi organised a march in Dandi to “illegally” produce salt, against applied tax by British Raj in India. It was “within” the political boundaries of India, had a “political aspiration” with a motive of achieving a “political goal”! Now, back to BJP:

Disclaimer: As any liberal need to announce this, to avoid branding. My support here is issue based and this statement is not sarcastic.

8 thoughts on “Right to hoist Indian flag in Kashmir

    1. IHM,
      It wasn’t that large, plus it was not mob of stone pelters.
      a) Will they never allow another protest in India for security reasons, if it is large ?
      b) They could have reduced it if they wanted, “OK, you , you and you! Go inside Hoist the flag and come back. Rest of you stay here”

      It was possible.


      1. Yes, a controllable, limited number could have been allowed. I heard while channel surfing that some of the leaders were invited (Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj) – not sure what happened after that.


  1. it is very frightening to see how these ball-less politicians are leading our country. i think there a bigger problem to look at than just this flag incident. it is a similar situation in AndhraPradesh in Telangana issue. Again a case of smashed-balls politicians. You know where our country will go when goons/mafia leaders/rowdy sheets become our leaders. A classic case of loophole in democracy.


  2. Excerpts from my article “Hoisting The National Flag Is A Crime In India !


    “It’s not a political issue. It’s a question that’s associated with the self-respect of nation. It would be hard to find an another nation wherein the government machinery prevented its own very people to hoist its own national flag. It’s a real shame. Now don’t make it a political issue by associating BJP with it. The issue is why one cannot hoist a national flag within national boundaries? In other words, why should we allow the separatists to rule our likes and dislikes? Who are they to dictate what we should do and what we should not do? Why do we not crush them badly when they thwart attempts to restore national pride? Remember, it’s the same place where separatists burnt our national flag,making mockery of our patience.”


    What about the progressive souls who openly promote people involved in seditious activities? Were you or Mr.Chidambaram sleeping when
    separatists entered in anti-India gestures at New Delhi ? Were the self-proclaimed messiahs dead that they just could protest, the way they do when people not on par with your ideology get involved in something, lambasting the chosen rascals who on Sep.11,2010 waved Pakistani flag at Lal Chowk ?


    “Another important angle is to decide what’s really more important ? To find what’s making people in Jammu and Kashmir increasingly prone to anti India gestures or to kill all such attempts that try to make this state a part of mainstream India much like other states ? So are we spending hard earned money of the tax payers’ on this state to give rise to scenario wherein giving rise to nationalistic fervour is a criminal offence ? Anyway, time has come to marginalize intellectuals who love to support separatists,promote people involved in seditious activities and also create mayhem in the whole nation if something goes against their interests. ”


    Arvind K.Pandey



  3. Which Kashmir are you guys talking about and which Kashmiris…these are the people who massacred and forced the real Kashmiris to run away from Kashmir.. what right do they have to call Kashmir theirs ..all htis is happening because of foolish people of India who do not know that its Kashmir now and India next..those who want kashmir to b a part of pakistan can go to pakistan and live there..


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