..even in his dreams!

I recall this from high-school days. This was written a couple of millennium ago, obviously they had too many fearless lions roaming around. So, every poet dreamt of being and living like a lion. Who knew they will(going to) become extinct so soon, to make this irrelevant.

एकोहमसहायोहं क्रुषोहमपरिच्छदः
स्वप्नेप्येवम्विदाचिन्ता म्रुगेन्द्रस्य नजायते

I don’t know author, no internet presence for this bit (that’s the reason this post).

Non dEvanAgari attempt :

ekOhamasahAyOhaM kruShOhamaparichChadaH
svapnEpyevamvidAchintA mrugendrasya najaayate

Sanskrit Poets somehow like to compress whole sentences in single words, just because the can :-).  If you want me to break it down a little:

Ekah(alone) aham(I am) asahAyah(helpless) aham(I am) krushaH(weak) aham(I am) aparichChadah(orphan)

svapne(dreams) api(also) evam(such) vida(kind) chinta(worry) mruga(animal) indrasya(king’s) na(no) jayate(occur).

Phew, that pain!

To summarise what did we learn ?

A Lion never ever thinks that he is alone, helpless, weak and group less – even in his dreams, even if he is (all those)!!

Good for him .. eh ?

3 thoughts on “..even in his dreams!

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how different languages work in different ways. I’ve tried learning many languages in the past and so I see how the rules are different.

    What really turns my head around is that I speak English without thinking about it, and yet if I tried to explain to someone why a particular turn of phrase or a particular idiom is the way it is, I’m stumped!

    I would rather speak english and learn other languages than be in the unenviable position of speaking another language and having to learn English!


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