Why Indians weigh less?

Ever since I came to UK I am overweight, and never had a clue to reason it. So, I used to accuse Dominos and McDonalds, poor fellows!!. But, I was of normal weight even if I was eating these guys back in India. Also, I saw couple of public awareness adverts from these food chains, explaining why they are “healthy”, convincing and compelling (sarcasm intended).

So for a long time I did not have anyone to accuse, till this scientific map came along. It says, if you are in India , you will weigh less! Its gravity, not poverty! and it’s official.

Indian gravity map
Gravity map - India

image via dailymail

Reddish means more gravitational pull and blueish means its comparatively feeble.


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16 thoughts on “Why Indians weigh less?

  1. What does this map say? The gravity force in India is far less when compared to other parts in the world and hence a person would weigh less in India while his weight would be higher in say UK?


  2. Hahaha.
    Last time I went to India, I lost 45 pounds in three months.

    I wasn’t (extremely) heavy to begin with and I came back thin as a rail.

    I don’t think it had anything to do with gravity, it had more to do with indigestion. 😛

    This looks like an excellent excuse for me to use, though. I’ll try it on my mother the next time she makes a crack about the way I look.


    1. It’s indigestion all right! I went to India for two weeks, every body we visited made us eat like pigs, but yet, I lost 4 lbs, and put on about 6 inches in girth.. all the bloating.. cramming… uh..


      1. Oh, you need to live with it. Women in India love to feed delicious food to guests.
        All my aunts made me fat when I was kid, I was their favourite because I eat anything in any quantity !!


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