Two disasters and one hypocrisy

Two offshore disasters, two multinationals, two governments and one hypocrisy? BP spills million barrels of oil in the ocean disturbing marine life. Union Carbide leaking millions of tonnes of gas killing at least 25,000 humans. BP disaster fund is $20b plus there is planned serious ass kicking by US Presi himself. Union carbide has handed over some $470m to corrupt government but absolutely no ass kicking here.

Obama wouldn’t have heard about Bhopal disaster verdict yet. It could take a while for this noise to reach Whitehouse. But his officials certainly know about this and so far they have denied any action from their side. Typical double standard. Now it’s up to Indian government to press Obama when he comes back to check his mails.

There are multiple mistakes from Indian side as well. on the night of disaster Indian government let responsible to leave the country in a luxury plane,. It could have possibly happened with a big hand behind this (Hint: Blogosphere this is also called Rajeev Gandhi Disaster). Justice system took ages for this half boiled verdict. We need to go through this process all over again once the US government gets back to us on absconding officials.,.

To add to this, proper treatment of affected is not achieved till date, since the composition of gas is a mystery. Union Carbide is not willing to provide the information quoting it as ‘Trade secret’. What is the priority here? Trade secret or medical treatment of thousands?

p.s: Oil spill is an ecological disaster, not economical. What does loss to fishing industry and tourism mean? Environment comes first. If you don’t have a planet to live in, there is no question of economy. Say, you guys are planning to screw up this planet by 2060, and for some reason it survives one more year, on 2061 budget are you going to calculate how much economical benefit is achieved ? Or if it is 2059 will you be estimating how much financial loss you are in ?Sounds stupid.

I have put a little comparison here, just to show UC is no lesser culprit than BP.

Oil Spill – Gulf of Mexico, 2010 Bhopal Gas Tragedy 1984
Primary owner BP American-British multinational company Union Carbide  – An American multinational
Disaster Leaks oil, from “state of the art” deepwater drilling site. Leaks Gas from “sate of the art balloons” where they stored poisonous gas.
When Yesterday 26 years ago, still ON
Magnitude One of top ten oil spills, BP has enough competencies to make it biggest. They are trying their best. World’s worst industrial disaster yet
Impact on life Counting, we will have facts soon. Around 22000 human lives and still counting, excluding genetic mutations.
Relief fund $20b, to start with
$150m to employees
$470m, which were said to be disappeared?
Resolution BP is trying 135th Idea; Obama is willing to wait for another 15 creative ideas.After this Obama will send his personal scientists to resolve No solution. People were let to die,. A 25 years experiment.
Legal action on Company Planned ass kicking ceremony, Just need to finalise whose ass to kick.
There will be legal action on many of them, its American system
None, nil and zero. Union Carbide Anderson is still absconding
Two years of imprisonment for half a dozen Indian employees. I think they are watchmen, clerk, cleaner etc.

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