Movie review : Housefull

Last weekend I had option of choosing one among two Indian movies, one starring Akshay the other Vijay. It was very difficult decision considering both of them have given loads of silly movies, I chose Akshay movie, “Housefull”. Akshay had an advantage having given a good movie in mid 90’s and Vijay none!!! Housefull was a stupid movie, but my decision wasn’t wrong! Heard Sura was stupider!!

Back to Akshay, there is a pattern you can expect from Akshay Kumar movies.., being pointless and crappy. “Houseful” is exactly it, pointless. To start with the name “Housefull” , whole three hours you will be wondering what word “housefull” relates to the context and plot.


  • Direction& Acting by whole crew is terrible. I am running out of words to abuse the director who did not update himself since David Dhavan Templates started going flop. I wish they leave this profession and give chance to someone else.
  • There is nothing consistent in this movie. Akshay is supposed to be very unlucky person, only for first half an hour. Not for rest of the movie, he does not have those signs at all. He acts stupid in first part, smart in next half.
  • Legs: there are lot of legs in whole movie from all three female actors. And looks like this is whole and sole purpose of this movie.
  • Songs: unnecessary and irritating and again.. pointless.
  • Who on earth sells a full grown tiger as a pet? In LONDON!! Apparently Akshay buys one.
  • Akshay fights with a monkey!! How silly a movie can get?

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9 thoughts on “Movie review : Housefull

  1. Havent u read about subliminal messaging?

    In any case the word houseful has worked for its director, even u choose to see the film, didn’t u?


  2. The movie was a complete act of stupidity. Some of the scenes were ridiculously silly. But amidst all that stupidity and senseless story (if at all there was one) I found few scenes of the movie to be super humorous and comic (including the monkey fighting scene). I had quite a laugh throughout the movie length. But what killed the whole humor was the Climax which was seriously stupid. A good ending would have atleast made the movie watchable.


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