Maharashtra Police, they are second to only the Scotland Yard of Britain

This is what you might have heard, or may be variant of it “This Maharashtra Police, I tell you, they are second to only the Scotland Yard of Britain – Big B“. I have heard the same about Hyderabad police , even Vijaykant (Captain) quotes in a movie that Tamilnadu police is second only to Scotland Yard.

This has as true as”Salman Khan is best actor” !!.

  • Scotland Yard is not a police force. Its an address of a (one of a )London City police force headquarters. Metropolitan police headquarters is at Scotland Yard , Westminster London with some post code.
  • There is no citation that Met police is number one in world. Even if it there (citation needed) , on what basis ? what are the qualities analysed ?
  • There is no reason that, one of Indian police force is second to that. Its just way to convince people with the information crowd is not going to verify , forever.

“Second only” song for those people who may go to google and try to verify if they were told it is “the best”. i.e. If you say “we are the best” could get “get lost…!” from some people. To convince these set of people try saying “we are not best , but we are right behind the best..” and the reaction would be “possible!!”.

There are so many other facts convinced with these kind of lies, for example :

  • “India produces maximum wind power in whole world and Tamilnadu accounts for 80% of it”. This gem was by a key note speaker in a Electrical Engg. conference. He had authority on this topic since he was in Electricity Board.
  • “It is scientifically proven that animal does not feel any pain if it is butchered as Halal and Kosher (religious way)”. I am not going to believe this till a dead bird or a goat explains me this logic. If you need proof , just go to PETA site and watch some videos on religious butchering, you will see everything yourself.

Its easy, you can always use words like ‘scientifically’ and ‘technically’ to prove anything. See , I will create one theory right away : “Its is scientifically proven that “ginger-garlic paste” used in tikka masala has medicinal value and is a natural cure for Anthrax.

11 thoughts on “Maharashtra Police, they are second to only the Scotland Yard of Britain

  1. scotland yard is a building? strange. i heard it many times being used in NGC, Discovery and History. So, always thought it to be an org.
    On the concept of being in second place, yes, i have seen this many times with companies. for eg., my company always tell that we are second, just next to Intel in one product line(by how much? God knows!) and also second just behind Texas Instruments in another business line. man! always lie. Heard similar story when I was in Analog Devices.
    may be they think, being with a winner makes them a winner!


  2. I duno where u heard India is the maximum wind power generator.. he actually said india is the fifth largest producer which is exact.. He is also right about tamilnadu being the state with maximum installations and output.. It used to be at 80% but now other states like gujarat have started investing.. Anyhow tamilnadu still accounts for about 47%.. Check wikipedia , google for starters. before u even post mundane stuff..

    the scotland yard bit is also wrong from you.. There were 2 famous murder cases in tamilnadu during the 1980 s .. Even with limited technology at their disposal the tamilnadu police solved the 2 cases in about 2-3 years time.. the case was presented to the scotland yard as a testimony and the scotland yard appreciated the endeavors.. it is a thing of the past not now.. !!

    About scotland yard being a building.. well ur both right and wrong.. i dunno if u have read novels with scotland yard as their cenral protagonists..Scotland yard in popular culture means the police dept.. Check on ur facts before posting shit..!!


    1. I am living in TamilNadu for last 38 years. DON’T EXAGGERATE!!! Neither is TN police Scotland Yard nor are all other state people fools to believe your banter. Regarding TN police, they always try to close cases quickly to earn this name and fame rather than striving to nab the real criminals! In most of the cases which are closed quickly often innocents are criminals!….SO STOP YOUR STUPID RANT AND WAKE UP TO SPEAK TRUTH.


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