I was reading …

Observer tagged me to “Publish the 5th/last paragraph of the page number 123 of the book you are reading. And tag other 5 “. Currently I am reading two books.

One among them is “Kahlil Gibran” collection of his greatest works. To be specific “the prophet “among them. It doesn’t have123 pages, so here is the last page. Please don’t ask me what about it, I dint reach there yet.

The second book I am reading is a Kannada book. Its National academy award winner Bandaya (means rebel) by Vyasaraya Ballala. It’s one of my all time favorites and I have read it at least ten times. Still love to read it. Its about Lal-zhanda-zamana ( red flag era ) of mumbai.

I am tagging five more










That is seven, eight friends. Please do the needful (if you wish ).

Rules : Publish the 5th/last paragraph of the page number 123 of the book you are reading. And tag other 5

8 thoughts on “I was reading …

  1. The Prophet, beautiful book it is. It is more like verse then prose. You will enjoy it. About the other I can’t opine anything.

    Thanks for responding the tag.


  2. Bach,

    Such books sound so technical to me you know.. Bandaaya is what I have been hearing about while growing up. What was the book about ? you seem to be a vivid reader (not just online but the regular books)… I know I know why you write all that abuot GOD & the believers!! 🙂

    I am currently reading Nemi Chandra’s Baduku badalisabahudu, I recently met her 2 weeks back & had heard about the book a lot. I shall look through the 123rd page & put it on my blog on some day!

    Mathen sama ? April tingLu antha , eneno blog maadbedi.. even if you want to fool people they should know that its for that purpose. so tumba technical fooling techniques ella upayogisabedi..

    When we were young, we used to use some of the sillest ones like.
    1) Hey there is a stain on the shirt (which I used it day before yesterday on prashanth )
    2) Tyre puncture aagbiTTide
    3) There is some dirt on the head etc.,

    This was some 20 years back story, our neighbour had a baby boy on april 1st & somebody had fooled the father saying he got a baby girl while conveying the news 🙂



  3. B,

    “The Prophet” is a Masterpiece. I love it for it’s directness and simplicity.

    If you are in mood for some philosophy, I recommend “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan Watts.

    Plain, simple, down to earth, look at world affairs.

    In the past out country and culture played a vital role in evolving to this understanding, but sadly we have forgotten it today.




  4. sorry buddy i dont have anything to tag here, because the 125th page of the book im currently reading has an Instruction set table of ARM processor. yes, its one “ARM system on chip” book.


  5. ok, I have come back to do the assigned task.
    In Nemichandras baduku badalisabahudu, she talks about variety of situations relating to the problems, solutions, the way of life to win over problems etc.,
    This chapter is named ‘ namma parihaara namma kaiyallide’.. she speaks about a story here.
    A guy who owned a chicken farm faces a problem of his chicks dying quite often & he comes to a guru . The guru asks certian questions & says the way he is making the chicks drink water is incorrect & he suggests a new method. Again after sometime, the guy comes back quoting some more chicks death. This time he suggests other solution.. it repeats & he comes again & says that all his chicks are dead. To this Q, the guru says your problem is over, actually I had many such solutions 🙂

    The book is a very good one, now the FM Rainbow channel has a program on wednesday morning @ 8am & the author nemichandra speaks her experiences… a good program!


  6. JV,
    It is a complete collection book. I haven’t read anything completely. Some poems are going above my head.

    Bandaya is about an interface between a red flag union and a corporate millionaire family. Main character is Rajeev and he is a union leader in Mumbai.
    I remember I read nemichandra once but don’t remember which one of her. I never used to log or blog what I was reading
    Yes I remember those April fool clichés. Last one seems to be good, but he wouldn’t have got a shock. It’s great news either way. Did people fool adi – the mysorean? Recently he had a great news.

    Sure sire… Take your time. And by the way “bandaya” is my recommendation to you. Belt me if you are disappointed. I am advertising it for free.

    Sure madamme. Okiey.

    Sure sire, I have added to notes. I ll search for it this weekend. I had planned my immediate next purchase will be richerd dwarkin’s.
    Kedar I am tagging you. Are you interested in tell me and other friends about your books? I thought I will be disturbing the genre of your posts.
    And you write awesome … if I haven’t told you already.

    I know dude, I know you from ten yours. In that case I would suggest you DSPprocessors of Motorola. ARM is just light weight.

    Okey, now I have two books recommendations from you. Get a carton ready, i ll do shopping in your book shelve when I come to Bangalore 😉


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