Me, my scribbles and my ego

Happy New Year and happy Yugadi (alright “Ugadi” if you insist). This is my 100th post, 100th after I came to It’s been a pleasure to blog in here; you would have guessed it by the frequency I am posting. “Me, my scribbles and my ego “never been so visible in any of the previous platforms, 100 posts 11000 visitors , 1100 spam comments 500 comments, Page rank 4 in just six months .

I feel I have a created a small group of regular readers. Those and others who dropped into my blog are the sole reason why I blog. I would have written the same and kept it in my table draw otherwise, isn’t it? , To mention some Veena, Ramya, prashanth, kaushik, priya , JV , manjunath , mohan , vijay , tarang , anirudh, Cuckoo , neelanjana , hiren . Thanks to those readers who are interested in reading specific category (or genre ) of posts., Suresh, surplusvalue , blue athena , kedar soman and desh ( i guessed their interest from the posts they have commented).

Update : I am blogrolling all the above mentioned bloggers, which was long due. It is just a friendly gesture and no need to link me back at all (I mean it). I have good Google page rank which I feel my blog does not deserve, so I am distributing it. No obligation no blackmail.

Google has been very nice friend of mine ever since I came to Some time back it liked my review on movie Kabul Express, and it was number one search result above India film and Rediff. Now is time for another post Results of my celebrity look-alikes. Organic hits for this post have already crossed 1000 for this post in a month.

There are couple of blogs liked to post my photos in the genre they are offering.

Flower Fest – The A – Z of Flowers


Updates :

  • I have done with my relations with feedblitz, Currently i am trying out different email subscription services, For the time being you can use this Rss fwd
  • Youtube is deleting videos in its repos., So some of my video posts unavailable.
  • Good bye to Feedburner too. From long time poor fellow tracking my feeds, and I dint show him significant improvement. I was also thinking why to give different feeds, especially itself burning giving different feeds for me. So goodbye feed burner unless I decide sometime to buy pro account.

  • You can now subscribe me now in any of these feeds . Posts , comments rss , rss2 , atom, rdf

9 thoughts on “Me, my scribbles and my ego

  1. Yugadi is the correct word coz its Yuga + Aadi, begining of a new Yuga (not necessarily Kali yuga, dwapara yuga, its just a long period of time, an year). But its Ugadi in telugu too.:-(. Anyways, Happy Yugadi.


  2. Congrats for 100th post !! Just one post back I too have completed my 50 posts in all. This happens to be my first blog. Quite new compared to veterans like you. 🙂

    And Happy Ugadi. 🙂


  3. Great going ! And I Love to see some more exciting posts this year from you.

    Congrats! and It’s been a pleasure to know you and your friend circle. Incidentally I bumped into Muktabalaga through your site!.


  4. Congrats for completeing 100 posts. It is always feel good to pause and look the paths we have traveled.

    Post format of wordpress is google friendly and if you follow the rules for being included , you can be in the top of google search.

    Thanks for remembering me 🙂


  5. @ Cuckoo
    Yay..!! Thanks and happy new year.

    @ Suresh
    My pleasure, sir. Happy new year to you too.

    @ Prashanth
    Thanks brother. NimagU yugAdi shubhAshayagaLu

    @ JV
    Thank you, and always.

    @ PT
    Galti se mistake hogaya. I have updated the post.


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