A short story on wordpress.com themes and custom header

WordPress.com themes are gorgeous, but they just don’t behave the way how an administrator wants it. I had to change my theme again, since all my sidebar widgets used to and sit at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately user had to scroll through the sidebar (which apparently is lengthy) till the end of the pages just to comment. This is a typical problem with most of the wordpress.com themes which are offered. I spend lot of time adjusting theme and also reading through wordpress.com forums. If there is a solution for this, please post a comment here.

So now I am now settled with a third favorite theme in wordpress.com, which luckily offered custom image header. Hey wait a minute here I am small time photographer here, why not make own header. So some of my photos got scissors, and here are finalists.

12 thoughts on “A short story on wordpress.com themes and custom header

  1. good header images. the problem you mentioned about the sidebar widgets going to the bottom happens if an image loaded in the page is of size(dimensions) greater than the max size of the main matter template size( where you write the entry). a solution would be to go to wide page theme or resize your image.


  2. Yes,
    I learned that, but I dint like any of those themes which are wider template.

    I wouldnt cared if the problem is just ” sidebar slipping below the post” . Along with that i have comment box also slipping below sidebar widgets. That meens if some one wants to comment , he needs to scroll down the post, then scroll down the sidebar widgets (which were slipped from their places) then youll find the comment box. The first thing comes into a reader’s mind is “comments are not open for this post”


  3. Wow!! aa photos ella neeve tegedidda? namagu kodi.. sakaataagide.
    Amele recent comments nalli 10 barsodu hege ? By default only 5 comments appear on the side bar…
    Thanks for your help..


  4. Veena,
    Yes I did. Thank you, you can always right click, and save. I can send you personally if you need to put it in your blog.
    Second part of your query, I have mailed to you.

    Same as above, you can always right click and save. Link snap feature is ON; it will be so irritating if any one scroll through these images, and link snapshot keeping the view in queue, so I disabled them.


  5. i have not read the entire manual, so i need to tender my apologies upfront.

    can we alter wordpress templates like we can the blogger ones, i.e., by changing the raw html code?

    – s.b.


  6. Somebody,
    No, you can’t. I don’t know about blogger, I had been in blogdrive. I had complete freedom to alter the complete theme. Here only the posts and sidebars you can do some HTML work (again no JavaScript). If you want to do anything, you are given an option to buy custom CSS.

    But tell you what pal; there is completely different reason why I am here. I did enough of tweaking in my previous blog, and I thought lets publish some posts too. So I came here. Now what matters me is the community, performance and the looks. I am happy here.


  7. I’ll vote for the 2nd and 4th from the top. They draw the eye well and have more intrinsic interest than the others, imho.
    The color could be pumped a bit for header use.

    Thanks for your comments. They may save me some grief.


  8. A line or two with description/location would be great. I loved the 8th one the best – a road with trees on the sides and an old ruin…? The one below that looks like (near) Qutab Minar… is it?


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