6 thoughts on “The shining

  1. Wah,,, Good one. I feeling like touching it now!
    Suresh will again remind about the timestamp 🙂

    Are you playing with the blog appearance? I am seeing it changing every moment 🙂


  2. Hmm.. annkonde ee blog-skin default lists nalli illa so mostly nimmade yaavdu image load maadideera antha.
    Now its a different look..
    Its nice that you have added some good side bar widgets like Recent comments etc,
    It helps people like us who started visiting your blog in the middle to not to miss out some good but old posts.
    You can keep changing the appearances once in a while, no matter what one should not compromise on the comfort related to the way it operates & the output it provides… okay!


  3. Prashanth,
    Thank you, and thank you.

    Thank you. My previous theme had a problem. It used to push all the sidebar widgets to bottom of the page. So I had to change.

    Yes they are very helpful to reach the old posts from the front page. That indeed is the intension


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