6 thoughts on “Fishermen

  1. Good photo! I believe you have cropped it or resized it. Your resizing on vertical side is more than horizontal side. you can see that by looking at kids face. But nice to see you posting photos Buddy! keep it up!


  2. @ pyangs.
    The same? Which country? I dint find an “about me” page in your blog.

    Seriously.., whenever I post a photo I look forward for your and Veena’s comments. Aftrerall good comments are what a blogger long for (at least me 😉 )
    True that file was look streached. I dint do it, it was wish of flickr. Flickr is giving this as the default “blog this photo” size. Now it should be OK.


  3. Hey Man..

    Do you think I appreciate it everytime, look at the last comment. I am unable to see it from office , will go home & check the photo.. & then comment on it again! 🙂
    From home, I can’t post the comments.. some security, some proxy & such network issues which BSNL guys are not helping me to get it repaired. 😦


  4. Veenaji,
    You took it that way … Now let me explain.
    There are hundreds of colleagues and friends of mine have seen these photos in my local. They “Just” don’t have anything to say. For them, there can be no hobby than “Watching cricket”, clicking is just waste. Once in a while I get to listen “Hm… So you click too”.
    Now If I say I like to get commented on my photos, what’s wrong in it?
    (I have modified my previous comment)


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