Keep your words sweet

Keep your words sweet – you may have to eat them sometime.

There is one very similar subhashita in Sanskrit, which always been my favorite.

प्रियवाक्यप्रदानेन सर्वे तुश्यंति जंतवः | तस्मात्तदेव वक्तव्यं वचने का दरीद्रता ||

(To read: priyavAkyapradAnEna sarvE tushanti jantavah tasmattadEva vaktavyam vachanE ka darIdratA )

All living creatures love listening to you, if you talk sweet. So why poverty of sweet words ?

8 thoughts on “Keep your words sweet

  1. googled it :
    प्रिय-वाक्य-प्रदानेन – प्रिय = loving (pleasant), वाक्य = sentence (words), प्रदान = giving, प्रदानॆन = by giving (3rd case – instrumental, singular); priya-vAkya-pradAnena = By giving pleasant words
    सर्वे = all (nominative case, plural of the pronoun सर्व)
    तुष्यन्ति = are pleased (present tense, third person, plural of root verb तुष्)
    जन्तवः = living beings (nominative case, plural of जन्तु)
    तस्मात् = therefore
    तत् = it
    एव = only
    वक्तव्यं = must be said
    वचने = in speaking (locative (7th) case of वचन)
    का = what
    दरिद्रता = poverty (lack)

    अन्वय –

    सर्वे जन्तवः प्रियवाक्यप्रदानेन तुष्यन्ति । तस्मात् तत् एव वक्तव्यं । वचने का दरिद्रता?


  2. Emmm… I don’t really understand it, but I agreed on “Talk Sweet” & “Sweet Words”… Yes, talk with sweet words will be welcome by everyone in this world…!


  3. If one is soft spoken , it pleases everyone. We should speak with others in a pleasant manner . Here, the word Jantavah word refers Human beings . Then why should one act like a poor person and act miserly in speaking softly with others.

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