Please don’t make me wear a tie

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A couple of years back when I was in Chennai, a colleague of mine told our group we should be wearing ties. I need to mention that he had just returned and was just adjusting NRI to RI status change. You must be aware of that stage – “back in US…”, “Idly is £2” expression etc. He announced, tie represents elegance, professionalism, work attitude, etc, Also, “back in onsite everyone wears one!” Then insisted it on us!

We dint accept it for a simple reason – ties are not for Chennai. When collared shirts can bring you blisters; ties over that will be simple invite ‘roast the neck’ situation. Ties are uncomfortable for hot countries, as simple as that. Anyways, he followed up for couple of weeks, and then gave up.

It is not difficult to understand why something like tie did not evolve in India or Africa. Perhaps they were originally designed to avoid cold wind getting inside. It is pointless for rest of the world follow just because the original culture developed it was powerful or dominant.

Back to my colleague, he was clearly confused, like many others – between two words “modernisation” and “westernisation”. Following something from a modern culture is not modern. If that were the idea of modernisation then whole world would be wearing a white shirt, black trouser, black coat and of course a red tie, no matter they are in Amazon or in Papua New-Guinea. I regret I couldn’t convince him on this; I left him with his tie to feel proud.

Six years into the industry and I am happy that I don’t have to wear a tie to work. Hope I will be able to stall it for some more years.