Some statistics

When I first saw something called a “blog” some seven years back, he was celebrating his 1 millionth visitor. I thought “wow that’s cool..!”. It is really wonderful to write something and throw it blindly into internet and have a million read it!. So I started my quest. Seven years on , four years on and I just reached a quarter of my original target ! I need 20 more years to reach a million visitors. 😦  That’s pain eh ? Its not worth it!

Just kidding, blogging is the best hobby I ever picked up. It helps me to shout whatever I wish, obviously within the “limitations” of freedom of speech. And the good part is “it is public” 🙂

But I am thinking of slowing down a bit. Daily posting is not something a person in my profession could manage. Its not about the ideas, but about the time it takes to put that idea in human readable form. Also, I ran out of good photos to publish. I don’t want to share the bad ones, if I dint like it, why would you like it ? Anyway, I decided not to punish myself by committing for a predefined frequency. Instead I can post whenever I like :-).

You must be knowing what is the best way to keep in touch with a blog which has reduced frequency, feeds! Please do subscribe to my posts . If you are not fan of xmls and need it in human readable format, I recommend you email subscription on right side of this blog. Thank you for subscribing.

Now some stats: these may not be great numbers, but for me they are.

~250000 page views, with current average of 300 reads per day.
36 email subscribers 55 feed readers
and a good looking graph
Bachodi readers

Again, thank to you guys.

There is one more stuff I need to brag about , its about things I read. As most of you I am addicted to reading (in google reader) and google has some fantastic statistics on this:

bachodi google read