Delhi free water – 5 things wrong with it

Delhi government under Arvind Kejriwal has kept its first promise, while media is watching it closely. Or is it another way round? – Since the press is watching Delhi government kept its early promise?

Nothing will change for these, who actually need water (image credits to

By free water and cheaper electricity, as I understood, as supposed to be achieved through the efficiency through bringing down corruption, fixing wastage, suppress mafia and improve operations scientifically. Apparently answer is none of the above. Instead, it’s a socialistic populist freebie.

I am not impressed so far, in fact, I am worried about what’s coming next. Here, let me list down 5 things which, I think, are wrong by the way it is implemented.

Delhi water problem
Nothing will change for these, who actually need water (image credits to
  1. Some detailed, the money for free water is taken out of from the profits made by Delhi Jal Board in past years. The Idea is, profit out of public funds, should go back to the public, for free! Remember India 40-50 years ago? Never_dream_of_profit policy? This is version 2.
  2. What happens after this profit in coffer wears out? They either will have to stop the free-water flow or raise money through taxes. Either way, won’t be free anymore!
  3. What about houses which aren’t in the water grid? They don’t have free water now anyway, later point these guys need to pay for something they aren’t precisely benefitting from. Double trouble!
  4. One of the features least thought about is, If a meter consumes even a litre more than ‘free’ limit, total consumption is charged! There are no slabs. This means Dilwale Delhi people can no longer host any guest who baths daily.
  5. Free-water does not translate to availability of it. Honestly, I still wonder, what is the bigger problem in Delhi? Not having water round the clock? Or paying for the service which brings it to you?

A tick on free water, electricity next. Without even an audit, a 50% tariff reduction is written on stone. Let’s see how they mess this up?

Chakras and Enemies of reasons

I was watching “Enemies of Reason” of Richard Dawkins yesterday, again. In the second part he explores the possibility of Chakra’s being logical. He doesn’t, that’s why he calls them enemies of reason. His point is, If there is any logic in it, why don’t any of these chakra experts prove it to scientific community and get a Nobel Prize as bonus? For some reason they want to keep it as pseudo science and keep publishing books for those who don’t ask!

I recall we showcased chakras in opening ceremony of commonwealth games 2010 Delhi. A yogic structure rises from underground and his chakras get enlightened. Now, I feel they shouldn’t have done this; Chakra is not one of the things we should be showcasing, just like Chinese do not highlight their heritage medicine made by “tiger bone”.

An image form Commonwealth games 2010 Delhi


image via lifeinabedandbreakfast