Review: Dhobi Ghat

An art film, to me, falls into either of two categories. One kind strikes audience with a brilliant sigh, making us wonder how a complex thought can be so simply put (E.g. Black Swan). The other kind is a folder of scribbles thrown at you, which does not make any sense even if you arrange in any order. Dhobi Ghat belongs to second category. It’s a high profile, big banner, “star” cast, much anticipated commercial-art movie which makes you feel you are reading few torn pages of someone else’s dairy. Probably, that’s the reason wise say you shouldn’t read someone else’s dairy. It’s so freaking boring!

Dhobi Ghat
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Dhobi Ghat is not a traditional Bollywood commercial-art movie; hence my comments are also not regular ones. Movie is attributed with fine acting and brilliant direction. Bummer – it is pointless and boring. It neither does the justice to the time spent in cinema nor to the pop-corn bought. (Just a thought: Movie like this is the reason why Akshay Kumar in industry, to bring pointless but not boring movies). Dhobi Ghat revolves around a modern art painter Arun (Amir Khan) obsessed with video letters of Yasmin. At the same time NRI investment banker Shai (Monika Dogra) stalks him while successfully manage to get herself obsessed by Munna (Prateik) the Dhobi, whom she meets on her clichéd poverty trip. Arun changes houses! That’s all – I dint miss anything to explain on the plot!

All newcomers (all of them except Amir) have done nice job, justice to their roles, while Amir still struggles with “new age” acting – the natural one. Amir acting still stuck in mid 90s standard of great acting, I feel he was weakest link in acting department. Kiran Rao’s direction is great, even without considering this is her first presentation. Actually this is a relief! Since for a long time now Farah Khan was taking all the sympathy votes for being the only female Bollywood mainstream director. Now Farah can retire and Kiran can take her place with an understanding that her first movie is a mistake and she won’t be making a pointless movie again.

After Dhobi Ghat, I went into depression for a while and was actually looking for an Akshay Kumar kind of movie to undo this effect. We don’t run out of options do we? I chose Vijay’s Kaavalan over “Yamla Pagla Diwana”. As anticipated it was crapy one and boom! I am back to this world again, Thanks to Vadivelu!. Anyways, here are some options; if you would like undo the hangover after watching Dhobi Ghat (I used all three):

Kaavalan: Vijay is a kick boxer, student, body guard, dancer, comedian, singer, honest but innocent, most eligible bachelor as usual! Basically he is almost all the things I dreamed I would become when I was 12.

Black Swan: Amazingly brilliant movie. Watch it yourself, I am running out of words to explain it.

127 Hours: Another brilliant masterpiece by Danny Boyle. It surely will bring you goose bumps (as “The way back” did). Again, I am running out of words to explain the movie. One note on AR Rahman though! One more evidence to show he copies tunes, from his own work! Or, do we call it reuse? Some part of this movie has background tune of Raavan (Behene De to be specific.). Probably he thought the crowd that watched Raavan and watching 127 Hours are mutually exclusive. He is obviously wrong isn’t it?

Movie review: Fanaa

Watching Fanaa was never in our plan, it just happened, Unfortunately. The weekend was so boring


and never had taken a ride in East coast Road during late nights. So took a bike and went along, saw the movie got screened and just dropped in. Never thought about if any other option was there.

During title card only Oemar lost his breath, it’s a Yash Raj film, he was praying god not to make our three hundred rupees waste. I try to convince him, its just Yash Raj film, not Subhash Ghai. The movie starts with a Kashmiri family (Kiron Kher and Rishi Kapoor) and her daughter kajol who is blind initially. All three did nice acting throughout the movie, but one problem kajol does not look like a Kashmiri girls in any angle, because of her complexion. Any way, her school/college takes kajol to Delhi with her friends for a Kashmiri representation of cultural program in rashtrapati bhavan. There comes our hero Amir and his friend hirji as guides for them. The introduction will be like the omen told by her mother and some stuff like that.

There starts the real irritation of the movie. For every other minute Amir will utter one shayari. Some of them are you might have received in sms, like this one ” sunaa he, ishq karne se nend ud jaati he , khudaa kare hame bhi ishq ho jaye , kambakth neend bohot ati he”.

Jaspal bhatti, hirji and satish shah are three great actors famous for comedy roles, never used properly in the movie. All of them just come, utter some stupid jokes and disappear. Ok come to the show in rastrapati bhavan. The girl’s dance is a Gujarati; some bharatnatyam also is there. We simply did not understand why they have to bring Kashmiri girls to Delhi to do some Gujarati dance in Gujarati costume.

Then any way the movie goes fast. Amir has killed his real identity after he got operated kajol for eye retina or some stuff. He tares off her photo in Hong Kong airport balcony and throws all over the lounge (I heard people get caught by police for that)

Here after movie turned out to be a comedy one. Amir is a part of terrorist organization its name is IKLF. May be it is India”se” Kashmir liberation front. They steal parts of nuclear bombs from India, Russia and Pakistan and make their own. Did you buy this concept, we dint. Oemar told, ” It took seven years because Pakistani manual was written in Chinese “. Fine. They assembled it in a local mechanic shop in Kashmir, what they did not have was a trigger to ignite the nuke. Some one in the theater shouted offering a matchbox or a lighter. Now that no one knows what trigger is, neither the director kunal kohli, the trigger is finally decided to look like a 300 ml coke bottle and one pocket calculator is embedded in it. There are only six of them, and unfortunately our own much-loved terrorist Amir guards’ one. Don’t ask how a terrorist joined army and reached so high.

Indian armed forces are shown poor; they send one helicopter to capture back the lost coke bottle (trigger). End of the movie they send a lady (tabu) to capture it with a pistol. Nuke is a small thing for them. The entire helicopter is vulnerable for a pistol shot. Finally we came out of the movie with a sigh, we liked one song of length of ten minutes and an intermission of length ten minutes.

Some of he points don’t miss in the movie, if you are watching after reading my review.

  • Amir takes kajol to jama masjid Delhi, when they enter they end up reached their selves in Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah 17 km from there (info: Oemar). This seen might remind you movie matrix.
  • Tons of snow is filled in Kashmir and Amir prefers to drink water from fridge
  • You will find hundreds of shayari, don’t be surprised if you get to listen the shayari you only forwarded the afternoon
  • Amir khan is mithun chkravarthy when it comes to bullets. He runs over them
  • He is sunny deol when it comes to knife fight. when he gets stabbed nothing happens and when he stabs (on shoulder) the army man collapses

Enjoy the movie