About me

Bach is a techie working for a multinational company. Generally described as overconfident and extrovert, also has extreme hunger for existential recognition. He has a big list of “been there, done that” , but that’s history. Now he believes he has lived his life to fullest, and has already obtained nirvana. He is an atheist, humanist, pro-feminist, environmentalist with a centrist political view. Blogger from sixteen years and interested in hobby journalism.

This description was actually written by Bach himself, he just wrote it with “he” and “him” (third person) to make it look cool.


Opinions: Posts belongs to me and only me, unless otherwise specified. They not an opinion of my friends/family or my employer. Also, they do not intend to damage anyone or any group. Some of them may have been written to provide a slight pinch, to express that I do not agree with an idea and I am just expressing my objection (as part of freedom of expression or democratic feedback system etc)

Content: My blog posts present my state of mind at that particular point of time, when published. I may not necessarily hold the same opinion life long. My blog content may undergo natural evolution of change in information, opinion, links and updates. Posts can not be taken as absolute fact, they are mostly my rants.

Accuracy: To err is human; I make mistakes as everyone else does. I am more than happy to correct them, if any, if pointed out.

Images: I made sure that I have provided credits to the images and contents I have used to enhance the effectiveness of posts. If I haven’t in any case, please let me know. I am more than happy to correct it.

Copyright: You welcome to use a part of the content of my posts, for your own non commercial purpose. But please link back to me, so that I can distinguish between fellow bloggers and plagiarizers J

46 thoughts on “About me

  1. divine…

    atom = at om

    atheist = a theist

    atheist is scientist of atom….microscopic
    a theist is scientist of at om….macroscopic…

    Either people believe there is current or people do not believe there is current. Knowing the current is religion , knowing the use of current is science, Believing…. and not believing ………both are philosophies.

    love all….


      1. hey bach any wild guess on how did he pick up such a bullshit theory?
        zakir naik? . a chrisitan preacher? iskon?..


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