He is not all that tall, you see…

Question: If you are a furniture company, what should be your core competencies?

I would list a) Ability to pick suitable laminates, b) put it on compressed wood disguised as ply and more importantly c) ‘get the measurement right’!!. It’s that simple right. Even I thought so, till I watched this:

It’s an advert where the wifey stereotypically plays down the choices of Husband, just because she can. Of course, we look for a sound cliche to go with our adverts.

Anyways, this is how it goes :

HubbyA King sized bed…

WifeNope, a Queen Size if fine. He is not that tall, you see…   

Now, if you have not participated in the purchase of a bed since British (and their queen) left India, please Google “Bed sizes“. FACT: The King and Queen size beds are of the exact same length, and it does not matter how tall you are!

Now, these are the sort of things I would expect my furniture company know, wouldn’t I?

P.S. Perhaps she wanted to say “He is not all that FAT you see” and then maybe SJWs like Huffington post P.C. proofed it corrected it ? Its a wild guess Let me know if you know.

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