Is she Lara Logan or Lara Croft?

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I have a question for my readers and friends, on fundamentals of Feminism. While I am not sure how to put in a politically correct way, I am worried that I will end up offending a whole lot of them, especially women including my better half. (Update: Oh… No! She is already offended by the idea of this post).

It’s related to latest incident in Egypt, where a CBS correspondent Lara Logan was roughed up (to be specific, sexually molested) by celebrating Egyptian crowd (obviously men!). There is a whole lot of discussion happening in blogosphere. Was that right for an attractive white (read clearly distinguishable in Egyptian crowd) woman to report amidst frustrated (later celebrating) mostly men crowd of a male centred society (with less respect for women, officially!) without anyone to protect her. What happened was obviously wrong, but could that be avoided in the first place? She is Lara Logan not Lara Croft!

Now my question: Is “Asking for it” still considered as a factor, even a remote or tiny one?

I may look naive questioning like this, but please educate me. I guess, this must have been discussed over and over again in all forms of media, but there are still questions.

Here, let me provide an analogy, feel free to dispute it.

There is a high possibility that money left around will be stolen or robbed (depends where you leave it), even in an established social, political and religious (starting from 10 commandments) understanding that stealing is wrong, someone with a need of it will simply take it, like it or not! You would need a protection against it, that’s why we have a massive industry created just to protect your money! To this day we agree stealing is wrong, while we still protect our money from being stolen.

Well… this may not be a right analogy, but an attempt. Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

Update: I would like you to read one such post on the same topic “Is …” where he reasons out:

  1. Women are the weaker, frailer sex. The average man is physically stronger than the average woman, and absent physical protection (in the form of other men, be they police, military or family) women are COMPLETELY at the mercy of men.
  2. Egypt is a nation resistant to feminism. Egyptian men do not “ respect ” women, unlike the pale, porn-addicted, gelded fembois of America and Europe.
  3. A riot, by definition, is an event defined by its lack of law and order – meaning that  the structures that protect women from the predations of men do NOT exist.
  4. Logan is a white foreigner, and is thus despised by the violent hordes who believe their government to be in thrall to hers.

8 thoughts on “Is she Lara Logan or Lara Croft?

  1. It’s really unfortunate that this lady became victim of sexual assault.

    I am sure a little presence of mind would have averted the unfortunate/tragic happening.

    Anyway, you have referred to feminism and false rape charges.I have dealt with both the issues in the recent past. I am giving links.Have a look at it.


    (Please see the comment section)


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  3. 1. I think her identity should not have been made public. For a sexual assault victim, it must mean going thru the whole experience again and again. Media ought to learn to hide a victim’s id. It should have sufficed to have sadi, a female journalist from an international media channel assaulted in Egypt

    2. I don’t think she went to that crowd alone. She was with the CBS crew and team. It was plain unfortunate that somehow she got separated from that crew. Now getting caught in a bad moment is what often rape is all about. The only alternative is to stay indoors. But those women aren’t spared either.

    3. What kind of people would do that to a woman? It speaks volumes about these societies.


  4. Anyhow, is something being done about the attackers? Comeon American men can’t take this lying down. Cut off aid to them Egyptians till they bring to book the perpetrators.
    Instead of making lame excuses like she was asking for it, get after those bloody rogues and show them what it finally is like assaulting a woman like that. I’m sure when they do these sorts of things to their own women, it is hushed up.

    Media still wants to cover their so called “people’s movements”? Now that is doubly lame!


  5. I honestly havent read much about this story. But something similar had happened years ao in Bombay @ the Gateway, new years eve. A woman, with her male friends was out there, making the best of New Year’s Eve, Around 1am or 2 am (not very sure) some men started molesting her and male friends, despite many attempts couldn’t help her. So even if the CBS crew was there with her I dont think it could have stopped what was happening. I dont know why though.


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