Outsourcing the outsourced

Outsourced – a sitcom in the sets of an American Novelties Company which gets bangalored (to India) for cost cutting purposes, as its name suggests. Episodes of this revolve around its Mumbai office where an American works with Indian customer support employees and an Indian Asst. Manager. All five major roles of Indian employees are played by Canadian, British and American actors, but not Indian.

Now read bolded ones in above paragraph again. That’s right!. For some reason TV industry thinks it would be great to hire non-Indian nationals (ABD, BBD etc) and ask them to fake Indian accent rather than hiring local talents to act naturally (unlike Outsourced – the movie). I feel they should have given chance to locals, when the role is local. In another way it would have worked out cheaper since Indians are paid in Rupees – Outsourced! That’s the name of the series.

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Only relief is, all these five actors have Indian origins (actually their parents), they probably have some clue on how Indians pronounce. Now take this: Recent facebook movie, in “the social network” Divya Narendra’s role is played by Max Minghella!! Couldn’t they manage to find a single ABCD for playing this role?

Perhaps it’s been happening for all non-American roles in American movies and TVs. Makes me wonder – Did Austrian Bruno or Kazak in Borat have their accents right?

Slumdog was almost certainly speaking British, so will Mumbai born Freddie Mercury!

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