Movie review : Lafangey Parindey

This movie revolves around four characters Deepika, her dupe, Neil and his dupe! All four of them got equal share of screen time a typical multi-starrer. They skate, they dance and they fight all over the screen, but none of them managed to do it well, so verdict is 1/10.

Lafangey Parindey
Lafangey Parindey - image via wikipedia

Lafangey Parindey is the first I watched in which Neil Nitin Mukesh present (acted would be wrong use of language). In the past I have attempted to watch one of his previous movies – Aa Dekhen Zara , which looked like a C grade remake of B grade Hollywood movie. Based on that misadventure it’s hard not to get prejudiced and Neil confirmed that I was right.

Deepika looked OK as a model, but as an actress naah! Probably she wasn’t made for this role. It’s not very rare that a character is blind in Bollywood movie; every other actor has tried this and put it in his/her resume. Deepika’s performance here stands bottom of that group.

The movie plot is a mixture of “Rab Ne Banadi Jodi” and an (any) old Van Damme movie. Van damme movies typically revolve around him travelling to deep east, learning Kung Fu blind folded and learning to enhance other strengths. Karate kid was last one to try it; it’s the same cliché all over again. Bells and atta balls to bring India flavour in it.

Neil is a kind of Rambo in here, the best blindfolded kick-boxer in Mumbai, apparently it’s legal in India! He teaches Deepika to see through her other senses just in two weeks and aha! she skate-dances! And wins!!

Juhi Chawla does a brief entry in the movie, as a judge. All she had to do is sit there and judge few performances (apparently only two). But no! she chooses her way to overact the two minutes given, in 80’s style.

Looks like “Slumdog millionaire” has created a new genre in Bollywood, “rags to riches”!. Now these clueless directors are flooding the industry with this genre. There are too many “winning India got talent” “dance competition” etc now a days. I predict they are going to leave us irritated with these now, with a little puking sensation!

Only good thing in this movie is the use of local language, nice touch. Performance wise, a kid and an inspector knew how to act. That’s all!

12 thoughts on “Movie review : Lafangey Parindey

  1. Watch Johnny Gaddar, New York, Jail. I don’t know what acting means to you but I think prejudice is the most bad thing in this world !!! I think he doesn’t deserve that. As far as the movie Lafangey Parindey is concerned I liked it, can’t say loved it like his previous movie but definitely liked it .


    1. Sangita,
      No I disagree, prejudice means pre-judging. and why do you think it is bad thing ?
      I was judging him based on one of his previous performance. How judging is wrong ?


      1. Yes it is an assumption made about someone or something before having adequate knowledge to. It is wrong because u don’t know about the person and judge him . You have seen just one film and you are judging him by saying non actor??. I am not an expert on film making but there are many that can lead to a bad film . And you should know a bit more about the person you are judging – by his looks he could easily become a chocolate hero but its his decision to debut with a negative character in “Johnny Gaddar”. He could have easily choose a lovey dovey character but chose “Parag Dixit” in “Jail”. How many of current so called actor of his generation would do that?


        1. We the audience judge the actors on how well they are able to emote the character in the given movie (Neil falls short of those skills here) and it has nothing to do with their personal or other matters. Neil always wears a stern face and I feel that justifies his suitability to a negative character rather than others…
          And hey we have some good upcoming actors like Ranbir Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar ….


          1. Here means in this movie ? Well one shot nandu is a fighter who is tough from outside but soft inside , he can not express his soft emotions and feelings for Pinky. How come he fails short in that? May be you were watching his “stern face” only. Will it help if he does overacting or something?. Every actor has a style of his/her own and so does Neil. I am not saying that he is a flawless actor but my protest is about the reviewers comment that he can’t act. Btw the actors u mentioned here, I like Abhay Deol and to some extent Farhan but as far as Ranbir is concerned I think he is over-hyped he just got lucky with some safe films and a strong media management.


            1. By ‘here’ I meant emoting the character, in any given movie.
              Neil in this movie ‘Lafangey Parindey’ was not able to bring out the character well (ha lacked the ‘taporiness’, the fierce ‘one shot’ and the soft ‘Nandu’ look)….I was not convinced…he was also shaky in delivering some of his dialogues! So in all he failed miserably!
              On the other hand Shahid Kapoor in Kaminey was far far better…
              Well everybody has their opinions….:)

              Hope to c Neil perform better in his coming movies….


              1. I disagree with you. His good looks and his background might be an obstacle to consider him as Tapori but he bring out the confusion of a person who is never been in love and think that it will jeopardies his tough image but falls for Pinky very well. In fact I enjoyed that part (the training session) most.Haven’t seen Kaminey so can’t comment on that but is the storyline same for both movies ? If it’s not then you can’t compare both. I have nothing against Sahid but as I’ve mentioned before every actor has a style of their own. So I still protest against your “non-actor” tag given to Neil.


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