What’s your state’s Chicken Tikka Masala?

I am a foodfan. Do we have a word like that? A “foodfan”? Well, I am that whatever it means. I am a fan and I keep looking for it in internet (wrong place…eh?) for where what and how to eat, something different and something new. For instance Lebanese is my latest pick.

Anyways, talking about Internet and Food, I came across this image via visualLoop which paints each states (of India) with their trademark food. A fantastic collection and will give you a picture how diverse our food culture is. I haven’t tried (heard to be specific) most of them myself and went straight to Lebanon. 😦

Food in india
Food in india (Click on image to enlarge)

– image via visual loop

Few comments here

  • Do they really eat Red Ant chutney there in Chuttishghar!!? And is that their trademark delicacy?
  • Nobody’s seems to be claiming Panipuri and Bhel Items.
  • Idly Dosa are not exactly Tamilnadu delicacy, isn’t it? They are south Indian in general

**  A small question , do we have something like “tongue-worm” in English, for favourite food? Just like we have earworm for music. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “What’s your state’s Chicken Tikka Masala?

  1. As someone who is of an Andhran background, I have to say that there’s nothing on Earth quite like a gongura pachadi.

    And while dosas aren’t exclusive to TN, the best dosas come from there. There was this one time … well, I could go on forever, and the story does end with me contracting tapeworms, but the dosa itself was pure heaven.


    1. Of course I know Gongura, I eat it almost daily. Totally agree that it is something unique and very tasty.

      On the other part, with Dosa,Every south Indian state has its own speciality of best dosas.


  2. TN has better idli and dosa???? debatable.. I have had great idlis in both Andhra and Kar… Dose is better in Blr.. (obviously mine is a biased view)

    Agree with the Andhra gongura..plus they make the best chutneys (yerra kaaram etc)


    1. Vijay, welcome back :-).
      I am not Bangalore and I dint stay there more than couple of days. Same with Hyderabad. So I probably have unbiased view. TN has exactly the same Dosa and Idly as that of Bangalore and Hyderabad.

      I checked Wikipedia, and all idly vada and dosa don’t exactly trace back to TN, they are in general south Indian.In addition to that one of them trace back to Udupi.

      Its probably because people from TN popularised these items in rest of the India and west. That’s why they are attributed with it. Fair enough, wot say ?


  3. Wow!!! Such posts should be banned from the blogosphere, considering that there might be many who are not exactly a stone’s throw away from most of those items mentioned. This leads to a very disturbed and distracted mind, not to mention the rapid saliva generation, and gastronomic rumbles.


      1. Another one guilty of an Andhra background, so the pachadi has to be high up the list… but love savouring everything these days, can’t recall why I used to be so fussy in school!!!


  4. Hi, Bachodi, just drop by to thank you for mentioning Visual Loop – I’m glad you’re finding it useful!!

    Keep up the great work – and if you find more infographics about India, feel free to send them, I’d love to post more about your country!




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