Movie Review: Kites 2010

Kites! is fresh, well defined, finely directed and delivered. It is one of the best romantic movies of recent times. It was a pleasure to watch this. Masala factors of this movie are way within toleration limits. It wasn’t until recently Bollywood learned to present sentiments without overacting its way through for three hours.

Hindi, English and Spanish! Fortunately they all gelled well in the context, sounded very natural unlike previous attempts (For instance: My name is…). Bollywood generally runs into trouble in this area.  Actors end up speaking bilingual dialogs “What happened!..Kya Hua!!”. Kites did not do this for goodness sake. Here Indians speak Hindi/English,  Mexicans speak Spanish and rest English, simple! There were no trilingual/bilingual dialogues.

this poster via mail frwd.

Spanish was a perfect fit for this movie, I feel it contributed a lot for movie being more romantic. If the story was based on Canadian and she speaks in English with our dudes, it wouldn’t have been so touching. For example, among these which one do you think is more poetic and touching “My Darling, You are bleeding” or “Está sangrando, mi amor!!”?

I take my words back on Hrithik, Mia culpa!. He is a fine actor, He can deliver amazing performance given a good plot and role. Also, he can do lot more than just dance and fight. Kites will be in bolded letters in his resume.  Many of his previous movies happened to be mistakes, of his directors.

Barbara Mori was fantastic in her role, she is a fine actor and beautiful. But she is not as hot as most characters of this movie seem to think. Kangana Ranavat was a disaster; luckily she did not have a noticeable role.

There weren’t many songs!, perhaps they were.!, in background. They didn’t bother me much as actors did not lip-sync it. There was a dance though, but it was the part of the story and it was present day dance, not a set of  Bollywood Ghagra-choli dancers with decorated pots on the cliffs of North Pole. Dance was well choreographed with fine break dancers.

Action scenes in Kites is something you wouldn’t have seen in any Bollywood movies, They were fantastic. There are few car chases and a cowboy-cops fight, all are above Hindi movie standards.


  • Hrithik’s ability to walk and fight throughout the second part of the movie is inconsistent. A moment ago he is crawling his way through places and the next moment he is jumping on trains and stuff.
  • No car seems to have been fitted with air-bags. There are so many car crashes I haven’t seen any, even in a Las Vegas Casino owners car! Come on!
  • Though the plot looks fresh, some of the scenes are plagiarized. While watching you will have few Déjà vus. I dint bother to research on all of them, but here’s one for you. The movie ends with a gun fight highly inspired by the famous gunfight scene of “Road to perdition”. Those who haven’t seen this movie and planning to see Kites (which BTW I highly recommend), please watch this YouTube clip. If you see high similarities how Kites ends, come here and thank me.

Road to perdition:

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13 thoughts on “Movie Review: Kites 2010

    1. Again, I disagree.
      You would have seen a movie or read a book something like this before, But I haven’t, in Bollywood. Most of the points I give it for the movie for the presentation of the story in a very pleasant way.


    1. Now I have started wondering, have I seen the same version that others did. Or is it the “expectation” which made so many bad review ?
      How do you rate this against My name is or any other Akshay kumar ones released recently ? Or take Paa for instance… That is more boring than Kites.


      1. There are two versions – the international and the hindi one
        my friend had gone to see the Hindi version as the spanish was subtitled in Devanagari
        maybe she lost the plot and maybe it doesn’t suit a girls tastes? i don’t really know
        in any case i haven’t seen that movie and will rate it only when i do ..
        ps havent seen my name is or recent akshay releases ..
        dont have the patience or want to waste good money on crappy films
        may want to see ravana though …promo seems interestg


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