I am back, again!

Hi there, it’s been a long time since I’d been here, longer than I thought I would go for hibernation. Too bad, I didn’t make myself visible for you guys; I wasn’t in touch, in physical world too. Reason.., it was just a phase of life, of getting tiered with things, even good things. Now that I have achieved Nirvana, I am back, er… I think. But the good news is nobody seems to be missing me, again, in physical world too. There weren’t many complaints, that I dint call her/him on b’day and X’mas and on third Mondays.

I’ve been well, thanks for asking. I have accumulated some fat, not the thing you would expect from a hibernating polar bear. Well, its true, nature works opposite for me.

There are going to be few changes, in my digital life as well.
§ Show more ego and attitude, Its my blog
§ More content and less worry about SEO
§ No more tweets and buzzes.
§ Publish more about what I believe, Atheism etc.
§ Photos, you haven’t seen them right? Most of them dint fulfil their dream of getting published.

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