Creative minds

He: Hey Bachs, do you know what is the meaning of Bhosudi?

Me: Err..!!! Good morning???

He: No, I am serious, it’s one word we use it in daily conversation, do you know the meaning?

Me: Absolutely no idea dude. May be you can educate me

He: that’s the point dude. It doesn’t have any meaning. I have asked the same question to thousands of users, no one seems to know the meaning.

Me: no one? So why do you use it.

He: psychology. People think it is abusive word, and use it as abuse. People get offended, case they think this word used against them is an abuse.

Me: Boyy… !!! you did a research on this.

He: So I was wondering , Why not pump in some more words in our day to day conversation vocab, which does not have any meaning and still abusive

Me: hmm… noble thought…

He: so take…Bhurung

Me: Bhurung?? What does it mean?

He: Bachs… don’t be a tube-light, this does not mean anything. Simple “bhurung” it is abusive… people should get offended

Me: wonderful… Anything else?

He: ya… pintukla, should be used as “Abe oye pintukle!!!” the severity of this abuse lies between “Abe oye satkele!!” and “Bhurung”

Me: Oh… you already have severity of the abuse worked out.

He: ya… and they should be spelled as Bhu and four asterisk (Bhu****) and pin with five (pin*****). Watch out one day will come people will use it in various forms bhu-off bhurunged, getting bhurunged, “what the bhurung is this “ , get burung, go bhurung etc etc

Me: oh… forethoughts and predictions.

He: ya people will object not to use these words in public. Moms will tell kids “beta B word and P word gande hote hen “etc.

Me: wow… you will be a legend, for your contribution to day-to-day life vocab.

He: Thanks please spread the word.
The Bach

19 thoughts on “Creative minds

  1. as i understand bOsuDi word is mostly used in kannaDa. bOLu suLi – i.e., the suLi on the head where pig tail would present has been removed – bOLu tale. normally the head would be fully tonsured while performing uttara kriya by a person when his parents die esp father. so, in turn bOsuDi would refer that the person’s father is died – so, it can be taken as a word used to tease a person.


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