Openings for business partners

Six months back one plate of Idly-Vada used to cost Rs.10. Now it is Rs 25. When I calculated the cost of idly is growing 150% P.A. (BSE Sensex gives 18%).

I am already planning to establish idly storage plant, to store all Idlies to create market shortage, sell it in Rs. 35 per plate.

Good investment opportunity, wot say? Anyone’s with me?

10 thoughts on “Openings for business partners

  1. You go down get hot steaming bigger softer idlys for Rs 1 each…even today

    When in college we get 2 idlys for 50Ps in road side shop near our college. We used to eat 15-20 steaming idlys.. those were the days…


  2. In Kolkata idlis and vadas cost 35 bucks a plate, on average. So a Vada King or “Idli by Bach” should sell great. I will surely buy your company’s shares.
    I might get into a chutney with my investment, but what the hack? It’s only sam bharing paper called money! 🙂


  3. If Bachodi has his creative way, then in days to come people will be paying Idlis as ransom money to kidnappers. Hey Bach, I am still telling you, shift to drinking Pulpy orange juice, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  4. @ankur,
    Dude, technology is there to make it fresh

    you are missing an opportunity

    the distance, is what we will be encashing

    Welcome to my blog sire, you are subscribed

    idea !!!!!!! well open both shops together

    ransom money hmm 20Indian Idlies for 1 American ? good one


  5. i am! i would like to invest. lets come up with the concept called “the idli shop” with a tag line “a lot can happen over idli”

    various idli dishes
    1. chili idli,
    2. idli sambar
    3. coriander leaves idli
    4. pudina idli
    5. idli upma
    6. Egg idli
    7. special idli
    8. mini idli( for attracting kids)

    thats all i can think of. i can give more suggestions…let me think of in elaborating the busienss….:)

    let me know if you serious about it.


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