All for fun

PETA, PETA .. where are you ?

  • More than 40,000 bulls are slaughtered in rings in Spain each year, according to The New York Times.

  • Before a bullfight, people will hit the bull on the head with bags of sand – for a long time and violently – to deprive the bull of his senses, according to The Washington Post.

  • Former bullfighters admit that bulls are intentionally debilitated with beatings to the kidneys and heavy weights hung around their necks for weeks before the fight, according to The Animals’ Voice.

  • Most of the time, bulls go into the arena blinded by the light because they are kept in darkness for 48 hours before the confrontation, according to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

  • Mexican bullfighting also includes novillada, or baby bullfights. Baby bulls, some no more than a few weeks old, are brought into arenas where they are stabbed to death by spectators, many of whom are children. These bloodbaths end with spectators’ cutting off the ears and tail of the often still conscious calf lying in his own blood.


And here is one of the local versions –  from Madurai. These methods may not be as cruel as it is mentioned above. But bull fight can never be bull friendly , wot say ?

8 thoughts on “All for fun

  1. This is such a horrible image. I’ve seen some of these contests on TV and think it the creation of deranged minds.


  2. @yorgyb
    hmm., I quite dint get it

    Welcome to my blog.
    Thanks for the video. what does “novillada” means ?

    Just some of them .. thats all.

    All because we want it to be there . Its reflection right?

    Have you been to PETA website any time ? I suggest be there once , if you like it or not

    we can say
    My dear bu fellows and cows , I present you human …. Thats Us.


  3. Sorry I haven’t answered your question for a while now:
    Novillada is a bullfight in which the bulls engaged are less than four years old.
    Normally the matador is a teenager as well. So for me, the game is a bit brutal. But well, it must be fun for somebody?!? :-P)


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