Are you concerned ?

It’s obvious that everyone is concerned about global warming, specially when there is a camera looking at them. Anyone can answer “basically I am very very much concerned, thanks for this opportunity for being a part of this survey, actually …. Thank you one and all “ etc etc. One of such useless time pass survey says:

Indians cared most about carbon emissions, with 55 per cent describing themselves as “very concerned” about the issue while just 32 per cent of Britons felt the same way”

If you are confused I would suggest ROFL 😉

Instead of making that survey a complete failure, they could have asked a different set of questions and made it funny

I) Are you concerned about global warming?a) Very much concerned b) somewhat concerned d) not concerned

II) If a) please tell us what is global warming.

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2 thoughts on “Are you concerned ?

  1. Bachodi,
    A good point to note. If India is in one of the topmost polluting country, we need to twist the arms of the automobile industry – getting the users to understand is very slow and impossible.

    Why not introduce alternative energy like those powered by solor? After a few year plan to phase it out. These things only show awareness levels but ask any indian when he is buying a 1st or 2nd hand vehicle, cost is the primary factor.


  2. I understand your point. Solar is also one of the biggest polluters.To bring light to you in bangalore they produce millions of tonnes of waste somewhere else ( where they mnfcture chips ). So simple , if we need energy we screw earth.


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