Movie review: Guru

“Guru” dint impress me much. For me it was like just another movie of Maniratnam, which was Okay kind, definitely not among the bests by him. The movie is “different” and Maniratnam is a great director for the sole reason, they made Abhishek Bacchan “Act”.

Movie supposedly based on the life history of entrepreneur Dhirubhai Ambani, and his dreams coming true. I was wondering how Abhishek fit into Aambani’s personality, while he does not have any prior experience of acting (though he did appearance in

Guru (2007 film)
Guru (2007 film)

plenty of movies). Thanks to Maniratnam against. Abhishek Bacchan has done exceptionally good performance. His dialogues, gestures, giggle; attitude, body language etc are very charismatic. He is behind movie success, neither Aishwarya nor Rehman. “Guru” is good name in his resume; rest all I consider as misadventures.

Ash, she was beautiful in the movie, unlike like Dhoom2 where she is announced to be “hot”. Heard she’s going to quit acting and follow Jaya Bacchan’s career – “housewife”. One thing for sure Abhishek is far far better person compared to Sallu the monkey (Salman Khan if you don’t get it)

Mithun Chakrabotry was good, great performance from him after a long time. Last movie of him I remember was “Suraj….!!! Truck driver Suraj!!!”. Madhavan and Vidya Balan were good and made a great couple.

Now my favorite part of the reviews- flaws,

All those million bloggers forgot to mention these. So I am posting this post, even though mine is coming last in the row

  • Movie is a musical. It was highly unnecessary to make a movie with this story line, a musical. May be Maniratnam did not wants to miss A R Rehman in his crew. It wasn’t even “Rehman” brand music which was played.
  • Abhishek Bacchan still needs come down from his father’s lap. In couple of scenes he sounds like his dad. But obviously it was better than “bluff master” where he copied his dad’s moves inch by inch.
  • Mallika Sherawat. Yes she is a flaw in the movie. I don’t see any reason to insert an item song in the movie. How about couple of action sequences? They would have made the movie “complete”.
  • Mahabalilpuram is walk-able distance from Gujarat and Mumbai. In the movie Every time someone in there feels like sing and dance they go to Mahabalilpuram… I also think these people dance for everything. There is song and dance inserted when Ash temporarily breaks with Abhishek. Again not to mention they go to Mahabalilpuram and dance to distribute their sadness.Ash likes to sing and dance in rain, the night before she is going to run away. Come on Maniratnam! Nobody do that! At least not in Mahabalilpuram remains
  • Guru Bhai gets one to one bonus, when his wife delivers twins. Again Guru Bhai dances high with lot of bhang. (Oh no…! not again … Not again in Mahabalilpuram, please choose Madhurai instead) that song was awfully choreographed. Some “yayayyyeye …” like screenings are also there in the lyrics. Somebody who liked it… Please don’t help me recalling those lines.

11 thoughts on “Movie review: Guru

  1. We watched this yesterday night.. IT was very inspiring, I liked everything there. May be in the end, it couldnt have been little better. Paralysis & all such things were little disappointing…
    The body language & his acting was superb, I haven’t watched many of AB’s movie, I disliked Yuva so much that this movie is a compensation for the loss.
    Aish looks so good man! they both really make a nice pair, GOD blsss them..

    Mithun & Mahadevan is good, Vidya is so charming.. not just the face but the whole personality..

    ps – We had been to PVR to watch movies atleast 4 times & tickets were sold out, this was the first one we both watched together & more over a night show..!


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