Nappy roots

Photography is my hobby ever since I mugged a camera from my brother ( He has SLR, why does he need “my” digi ? I robbed in broad day light ;-)) .   Ever since then it might have flashed a million times.

Once he came to hostel and asked me to show what I have caught so far.  I opened the album , and he ” Dude, you are making justice to this cam… There ain’t a need of police complaint”

Here is a best photo, I feel I ever captured.

But as ussual i was lazy enough not to remove timestamp.

6 thoughts on “Nappy roots

  1. Hi veena,
    That was very quich comment ( even before I edit the post completely ) .

    and about the Image , No pun intended. i actually have put a picture. I load photos in a imagehosting service called photobucket ( i can’t afford to load everything in wordpress), and bring URL here. Some times it does give problem in showing up properly in posts. Any ways.. I will resolve it.

    and for you its here also


  2. Good work,

    Just few suggestions from fellow photographer. Pls remove date stamp as a first step toward pro. second whenever you get an opportunity shoot something beautiful like this – make sure your front portion of the photo is little dark and not bright. Contrast of light looks better in photos where darkness at the front- back and light is in between them.

    Keep posting !


  3. Hi Suresh,
    Thanks for your words. I’ve seen your photos, they are awesome. Photos like yours made me to have a camera of my own badly.

    Yes.., time-stamp is the one draw back of my all best clicks. I never thought i will be poting it in my blog ( I dint even think I will have a blog ). The photos coming up in this blog will make sure , obeyed both your suggesions.

    Right now with this knowledge of photography i did not make the best understanding your comment about contrast. ( Only after downloading the photos i realized., what is the difference in a powerful camera ). Surely I will make a reaserch on your blog very soon. Thank you very much


  4. Great photo.. very apt for the occasion. Now that people are talking too much about the roots. This is very apt.. !
    Indians have a strong roots! – Direct Dil se! 🙂

    Photo is marvellous.. Take all that technical comment from suresh to make it more better 🙂


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