WTF Wikipedia!?!

Do you know why Kannada Movie star is an Icon? Because he inspired someone to sell pickles! (WTF! Right?). It is there in Wikipedia:

Vishnuvardhan was a good personality. A living example to this is Vardaraja Pai and the Yajaamana Uppinakayi. Vardaraja Pai is Mangalore based businessman and he is an ardent Vishnuvardhan fan. His father Raghunath Pai was an Badami Vendor. He had joined his father in his business and also he was waiting for an opppurtunity to meet Vishnu. One day he met Vishnu in Kukke Subramanya and got his visiting card. He used to send Badami powder and the Pickle(Uppinakayi) to Vishnu. Together they established a very good relationship. In the year 2000 AD Vishnuvardhan’s starrer Yajamanna was released. It was super duper hit and ran for more than a year. In one of the scene’s of movie, Vishnu plays a role of Pickle vendor. In the movie the name of the pickle is Roja Uppinakayi and he becomes a successful businessman in the movie. Vardaraja Pai had ambitions to achieve something great in the life. Upon seeing the movie he decided to do Pickle business, he kept the name of the pickle as Yajaamana Uppinakayi and put the photo of Vishnuvardhan on the pickle bottle. He sought blessings of the icon and his permission to sell the product with the name of the movie. Vishnu agreed and sent him a permission letter. Now Vardaraja Pai is a successful businessman and has now become an inspiration to others – Wikipedia 

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Now, bring on any stories such as “why don’t I like brinjal” or “why did you stop picking your nose!” or even any other silly question like this come to Wikipedia. It has an answer “because it reminds me of Shah Rukh Khan”, then go ahead and publish it in Wikipedia! It will find its way in the Icon section of SRK – unedited, uncredited and without references.

And ha. Do not forget to mention who is your father/grandfathers, and what they used to do! Apparently, It’s very relevant.