Sanskrit Quotes on Blogging

No, i don’t have any Sanskrit quotes on blogging.There are couple of Subhashita ( Sanskrit quotes ), which can be applied to blogging also.

घटं भित्त्वा पटं छित्वा कुर्याद्वा गार्धभसवनं
एनकेनापि उपायेन प्रसिद्दः पुरुशो भव

Can be read as : ghaTam bhittvaa paTam chittvaa kuryAd vA gArdhabhahsvanam yena kenApi upAyena prasiddhah-purusho bhava.

Translation : if it needs to “break pots in public” or “tear off your clothes” or “bray like a donkey” to get attention, just do it. These or any other way , but Do become Famous!

This a tip for new blogger. I read it everywhere , be unique , different , and “controversial “ to be seen in blogosphear. Being controversial is very effective way to get attention , finally freedom of speech. My tip on this is Don’t create so much contovercy that it will effect your life expectancy.

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