Employing holy Cow!

I saw this advert in a cinema when I went there to watch a horror movie. Perhaps that was a clue; this too has a horror story, of cows!

Have a look:

According to the video, cows are employees here. They check-in every day, which also could mean union rules apply to them (If they are sick they can take day off!) They are provided with all kind of safety and hygiene stuff; they enjoy processing their own milk. They munch grass as snacks. When the “end product” butter comes out of assembly line cows certify “fit for human consumption”.!!

I have no idea if the butter company which made this advert treats the cows as queens. According to various other sources I read (and documentaries I watched), this is very far from the truth. Is it not simple to think, a company of dairy products cannot make profit, if they treat cows like their pets. Any ways, it’s up to ethical advertising bureau (if such thing exists) to decide.

I feel this is wrong for thousand and one reasons. First one is, cows are never employees, they are lifelong milk producing machines and finally meat. In order to ensure they continue to produce milk they are regularly and repeatedly made impregnated. Calculation is to produce get optimal number of offspring and optimal gallons of milk in a cow’s life time! Read this letter for understanding in Indian context.

No cow ever get retire from duty and die, they get slaughtered. Even in any remote corner of India (where cows are holy) they get slaughtered. Let me remind you, they won’t even have ability to walk, butchers drag them! I have personally witnessed this. So much for happy cow farm employee.

I could explain the other thousand reasons I talked about here, but that’s not the point. Internet is already filled with that information, only nothing has been done yet. That’s all.

If cows want to show something to humans, it’s not that video! That would be this photo:

Holy cow