Why do I hate Twitter?

I hate twitter for several reasons. Its content, looks and its hype. It is an overrated internet product with no useful content generated whatsoever. For instance, how useful is it to fill web by zillion of tweets like “having my dinner…Chicken it is! …Yay!!”? and, how annoying it is to get this as search result when you are searching for something very important?

It’s a hype that “everybody tweets nowadays”. No, everybody do not tweet, they are just registered to this service and they are sleeping. Only fraction of tweeters(tweetees is it?) you follow tweet in regular frequency and only fraction of their followers read what has been tweeted. Further only a fractions of those followers are going to retweet it or reply to it or click a link you asked them to click.

Contents, they are utterly useless. I generalise them to be generated by those who do not have enough substance to write blog posts. People really don’t care on what is happening in your life on real-time basis unless you are a hot celebrity or one with a hot girlfriend. If you want to write something seriously and want people to read it, there are forums for that purpose. Blogs are wonderful things when it comes to expressing opinions. You can always push RSS feeds or email newsletters to get attention. Twitter is worst invention to do this.

Anyways, this was just an opinion till I came across the statistics to aid my dislike towards this application. Information is Beautiful presents exactly the same information with more accurate data. Enjoy 🙂