The 5 AM Club & Alibaba – reviews

This is a rapid review of a book named the 5 AM Club that I recently abandoned after tolerating for about three-fourths of its length. Now, I have no intention of finishing it.

I was never a fan of Robin Sharma to start with. I disliked his most famous one, “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. For the same reason, I was skeptical about this one as well. I blame my purchase on some of my overenthusiastic friends for having recommended it to me. Definitely not for me.

Those who are planning to buy it, please be informed:

  1. It’s written as fiction, a rather boring one. The author is a lousy fiction writer.
  2. The fiction is a multilogue between a few people from various walks of life. What irritated me the most is that these people regularly and continuously spitting out motivational quotes as if it’s some sort of rap battle. I did not buy this book for infinite list quotes.
  3. I yawned through a few chapters, then FOMO kicked in. Did the book cover the 5 AM topic? Is it yet to be discussed? or are they gonna discuss world affairs first? Now that I have suspended the book, this will remain a mystery to me.
  4. A few like-minded people suggested that I should finish the book with few tricks. One advised that I skip a few specific chapters and jump into particular ones directly. Another told me that I should read only the italicized paragraphs and only visit the pages with images and their description. But I can’t do any of those through audible. 😦

I do not recommend it. Please take the good reviews on the internet with a pinch of salt. In my opinion, it’s a dull, badly fictionalized book. That’s it.

Another book I just finished is Alibaba – the house that Jack Ma built. It’s a biography. The book narrates chronicles and adventures on how he reached the place where he is. What makes it more interesting is that the book runs Jack’s rise to wealth in parallel with the evolution of Chinese free-market economics and regression in social communism. A good read. Go for it if this is the kind of book interests you.

One of the exciting wisdoms he provides is about the approach of catching a rabbit. Suppose, if there are nine rabbits on the ground, and you wish to capture one -Just focus on one. These rabbits obviously will run, skip, change course and even might hide in a hole. You should try things differently and change the strategy and tactic but never change the rabbit you earmarked. Good stuff. On a lighter note, I would never want to catch a rabbit. They belong in meadows and leave them there. Don’t bring rabies home.

One thought on “The 5 AM Club & Alibaba – reviews

  1. A response to
    God’s Been Framed טוב

    Nichola Torbett

    By Nichola Torbett

    “I used to read this story as a story about a God who curses the snake and exiles the humans from the garden. That’s how we’ve been taught to understand it, right? ”

    No. Pauline theology taught “Original Sin” … the justification of belief in Jesus to atone for Original Sin.

    Gafney is an Episcopal priest. Gafney’s book Womanist Midrash uses womanist and feminist hermeneutics to interpret passages from the Hebrew Scriptures. There she discusses the issues of slavery. But fails to grasp the specific subject within the larger contexts,, that all societies existed as agricultural based societies till the Industrial revolution! Wealth came from the land. The wealthy aristocratic land owners both required and depended upon cheap slave labor. This basic error she does not grasp – big mistake.

    She refers to the T’NaCH as the Hebrew Bible. Another fundamental error. Its clear that she only reads from Xtian translations of the T’NaCH. All Xtian translations – Bibles, make the exact same error as did Aaron who translated the Ineffable Name (as revealed in the 1st opening commandment of Sinai, which only the chosen Cohen nation accepts) unto אלהים. The Xtian Bible translators did the same error and translated the Ineffable Name to other words: Lord, for example; the Koran likewise translated the Ineffable Name to the word Allah. Herein defines the sin of the golden calf! Consequently both Bibles and Koran violate the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation that only the chosen Cohen nation accept to this very day.

    Another example of the cultural gap between the T’NaCH Chosen Cohen nation from Xtian believers, who believe in just another false messiah … the distinction between mussar and theology. T’NaCH prophets – one and all,, they command mussar. Xtian preachers,, by sharp contrast,, they emphasize theology. Mussar compares to theology,, like oil to water. Worlds separate a dialogue where persons debate an issue and the talk to one another;;; from the radical opposite — they talk at one another.

    During the barbaric middle ages, priests would invade on shabbot Jewish synagogues and force those Christ killing, accursed wandering Jews to listen to some sermon telling them why they should convert to the true faith. This example serves as a succinct example of what it means to talk at someone else!

    Gafney defines her feminism as a ‘black womans’ feminism. She calls Midrash “classic Jewish biblical interpretation”. A fundamental error. Midrash makes a focus, based upon the kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva. ((All Midrashic scholarship – made by Gaonim scholars who thrived between 600 CE to 950 CE, after Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina sealed the Babylonian Talmud in about 450 CE – based their “wisdom of interpretation” upon the kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva, one of the key leaders in the failed Bar Kochba War against Rome which resulted in the expulsion of Jews from off the lands of Judea,, as an Independent nation state,, for over 2000 years! The prophet Isaiah employs the metaphor of the wolf laying down with the lamb and the lion eating grass like a goat. This poetic license refers to the amazing idea that Jews could be uprooted and expelled from off their homelands and return and reconquer their National Independence generations later. This miracle happened after the Babylonians destroyed the kingdom of Judea. And it has happened yet again 3 years after the Shoah. Even after the European Xtian barbarians systematically murdered 75% of European Jewry in about 3 years)).

    This kabbala of Rabbi Akiva goes by the concealed code name Merkaba. ((The modern Israeli tank goes by this exact same name!)) Merkaba translates as “chariot mysticism”, but translations do not define concealed/hidden terms. One of the definitions for the term ‘kabbala’,, kabbala understands the term Merkaba as meaning hidden or concealed! The sages within the pages of the Talmud strongly advised to teach it on a personal one to one basis, in order to maintain the secrecy of this logic code system. Ms. Gafney has no knowledge of this hidden kabbala code language,, which conceals a unique logic system format — which rabbinic Judaism calls Torah Sh’baal Peh/Oral Torah … and which the Church throughout its history has outright denied!

    To listen to an alien outsider, totally unaware of the code language of this hidden logic system — day and night different and distinct from the logic systems which the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle developed — really quite funny, very good comedy! The Church despises the Talmud. In 1242 the Pope and the king of France burned some 24 cartloads of hand written Talmudic manuscripts. The Nazi book burning [plural] base their war crimes upon the criminal insanity which church theologians imposed upon barbaric societies across Europe.

    Both Midrash and the earlier Aggadita — completely closed texts. Without knowledge of the concealed code logic language,, interpretation system…all comments made upon texts not decodified —- complete and total rubbish,, directly comparable to the Rambam’s code of Jewish law. The Merkaba code language developed by Rabbi Akiva,, it directly compares to military use of Code language to conceal from the enemy the strategic and tactical war efforts to defeat that enemy. In Rabbi Akiva’s time, the enemy — clearly Rome. But enemies to the Jewish people did not cease to exist after the victorious Roman legions expelled refugee Jewish populations from off our homelands unto exile.


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