Pressure on Indian ecosystem

I recall our geography text books were bragging about Indian ecosystems, probably they still are. There were pages of description on how western ghats and north eastern forests are bringing balance to environment. May be it was true a century back, not now. This one is straight from NASA, you can see blisters there right on India’s face.

The map shows the pressure on local ecosystems, but not per capita use. For example, in the United States, each person uses 5.94 metric tons of carbon (vegetation) per year, while in South-central Asia, people use 1.23 metric tons per year. However, the United States produces more than it requires, so the ratio between usage and vegetation is low. South-central Asia, on the other hand, uses less per person, but it has a high population that collectively require more carbon than the land produces, and so must import products from other regions.

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