Remember Job Kurian? 3rd year, auto?

Earlier I blogged about two of my good friends went on forming a band, Savario and Fabio of Hardware stores. I have one more bloke to add to that list, Job Kurian. Well, not exactly my friend or an acquaintance but we studied in the same college, he was junior to me, automobile engineering I think. He had fantastic voice and did a few stunning Karaoke during hostel days and college competitions. As expected he had a big fan club, especially female fans.

Never happen to cross roads for next few years. Recently, I heard he won a TV show in Kerala, again, singing competition. Saw those competition videos on YouTube; he was good, too good actually. Now, he has formed a band. I am sharing a video here, found on YouTube. Consider it as a simple promotion and advertisement, from my side.

Super!!! Well done Job and good luck. I will make sure that I will buy at least one album, if I come across one, on the shelves.

12 thoughts on “Remember Job Kurian? 3rd year, auto?

  1. He was from my dept.. IT… I got contact with him still.. met him may 2009 in a Reunion in put dept.. 😉


  2. Also the Guy in the T Shirt at piano is Charan. He was my junior in mech and we used to call him rafi :). Thr trio of sumit chandra (enc) job and charan was amazing. I got the honour to go to some vtu youth fests with them , they are just amazing guys. Will pray for them. May all their dreams come true.


  3. I cme 2 noe abt Mr.Job Kurian recently.I herd his song in Rosebowl…’n hes awesome!!!bt wen I serchd 4 ‘im in a popular social website,I cme to c a lt f Job Kurians’ in it-sad tat people make fake profles in the name of an awesome singer like ‘im!!Thank u!!


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