Bachodi’s 2nd theory of De-evolution

There was first theory of devolution, on handbags. Now time for next.

#2 : Women will loose strength in their heel[1][2], toes gonna get stronger [3]though [refer the pic].

[1] : Unless classical Indian and Russian dances, get popular again.

[2]: Unless High heel shoes get some kind of ban on it, like Fatwa etc.

[3]: Unless “low heel- high toe shoes” become popular ( I am thinking of inventing one )

image through email forwords
toe shoes
toe shoes
toe shoes
toe shoes

and this is how they look in X-ray

high heals - Xray
high heals – Xray

26 thoughts on “Bachodi’s 2nd theory of De-evolution

  1. So do you think we’ll eventually end up as ungulates? I can’t imagine the deevolution to stick to just one gender. I can see the pinky eventually disappearing, just because it’s common in a lot of mammals, but what of the rest? Will we end up with a solid hoof as the equidae, a cloven hoof like the bovine, or maybe keeping four toes, but only walking on the middle two, like as in the suidae?


  2. Oh my… Those shoes are amazing! Im a teen model and I love it when I get to wear funky shoes like those. Its like walking around in art. I’d love to get a pair.


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